5 Things White and Beautiful ...

By Meream

1 Gorgeous Wedding Hair Accessories

A veil is beautiful but a vintage-inspired hair accessory can be great for a wedding day as well. Look at that gorgeous white rosette!

2 White Bean Spread

Because good food leads to a beautiful you. Check out College Candy for a scrumptious white bean spread recipe.

3 Vintage Black Tie

Super Kawaii Mama is looking quite chic in her black tie outfit. I am loving the '70s top she's wearing! It goes so well with the bow tie.

4 Grow Pussy Willow

Perhaps a magical pussy willow is what your garden needs? Then this is your lucky day because we have here fantastic tips on growing these trees.

5 Marni Stud-trimmed Bag

Ohhh look at the bag that Marian posted here. I have a crush on it, too! It will make a beautiful spring bag.

We like beautiful things here, as you all know. If you've seen something incredibly gorgeous online today, tell us about it!

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