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By Lyndsie

Trending today is a subject near and dear to the hearts of everyone who loves a little bit of celebrity gossip. Why? Because the topic involves Charlie Sheen. You thought the saga was over, but oh, awesome stalkers, it's really just beginning. There was a little lull, Charlie's fallen quiet, but I'm making a bet right now that within a week or two, maybe a month, the tiger blood is going to hit the fan. See, the brand new, shiny revamp of "Two and a Half Men" finally hit the airwaves, and I have a feeling Charlie's not going to be happy with the results...

See, here's what happened: obviously, Charlie's character Charlie Harper died. Turns out, his stalker pushed him in front of a subway train because he fooled around -- pretty awesome. Everyone has known for a while that Ashton Kutcher was going to be taking the Mars rock star's place. Many people also know that, through some delicious Machiavellian planning, Charlie Sheen's roast on Comedy Central premiered on the exact same night. Here's where things get a little iffy.
Charlie's roast crushed the ratings for "Two and a Half Men." Killed it. That's just a fact -- the roast had way more viewers, perhaps because, during the Emmy's the night before, Charlie was actually quite gracious toward his former costars, I don't know. So he's still winning, right? Duh. But--

The critics weighed in today, and the way they talk, Ashton Kutcher is like the second coming of comedy. Regardless of ratings, he's instantly become the critics' darling, and the way they talk about Charlie Sheen and Charlie Harper make it seem like he, rather than dear Jon Cryer, has been the second banana all these years.

So why does all this matter? Because, tiresome as Charlie's antics have become, narcissism is always interesting. I don't think he'll go quietly into that good night. I think he'll be able to sit on the good reviews for a while, but I think they'll keep making him fume, and sooner or later I predict an eruption. What do you think?

Until then, if you watched either show, let me know what you thought! And tonight's trending discussion question: when you see a celeb go off like Charlie Sheen did these many months ago, does it completely turn you off of the star, or are you willing to give them a second chance?

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