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Trending Today the Miraculous Return of Arrested Development ...

By Lyndsie

Y'all, I apparently have magical powers. I came to this conclusion because of the awesome-sauce topic trending its way all around the internet today. You might recall the other day when the hot topic moment was things #TheyNeedToBringBack. Among other things, I made the request that Arrested Development needed to come back post haste. Well, guess what?

Although it only lasted 3 seasons, Arrested Development made a huge impact. If anything, more people fell in love with it after it was canceled. Ultimately, reruns just weren't enough. Fans have been begging for a film chronicling the beloved, dysfunctional Bluth family ever since, and Mitchell Hurwitz has been scattering breadcrumbs about the possibility. Well, it's almost a sure thing that the film will be happening, likely in conjunction with narrator and fantabulous director Ron Howard. However, that's not why Arrested Development is making the trending rounds. No, the reason for that is because avid fans will soon be able to get even more of Michael, Lindsay, George-Michael, and Tobias – because Hurwitz is going to do a limited run season of the series, that's supposed to run up to the movie!

According to preliminary information, there will only be a handful of episodes, probably around nine or ten. Each one will focus on a separate character, so viewers will get to see what they've been up to leading up to the film. It looks like it might happen by next year.

So, AD fans: are you excited by the possibility of one more season? If it all comes true, would you go see the movie?

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