Trending Today They Need to Bring Back ...


Trending Today They Need to Bring Back ...
Trending Today They Need to Bring Back ...

What's trending today? The hot topic of the moment is going to take us being #ChildhoodMemories, and into something a little more general -- and a lot more fun. Today, Twitter is once again full of nostalgia, but this time it's a broader range. Tweens, teens, and twentysomethings are all joining in on the current trend: #TheyNeedToBringBack. From TV shows to bands to snacks to personality traits, the internet is alive with wishes and reminisces. Let's take a look at some of those gems, and then I'll share mine if you promise to show me yours, too!

I'm really surprised at some of the tweets I'm seeing about things #TheyNeedToBringBack. For example:

**Lord_Voldemort7: **#TheyNeedToBringBack Buffy. This vampire situation is out of control.

iTweetFacts: #TheyNeedToBringBack everything from the 90's. Especially the music!

PaulEtienne: #TheyNeedToBringBack Music on MTV. I'm tired of theses little kids getting pregnant and stuff

**ItsPotency: **#TheyNeedToBringBack Honesty, loyalty, and respect.

ItsTheDoctor: #TheyNeedToBringBack me tomorrow. I can't die I can't. I have a 50th anniversary of my show to attend next year. #doctorwho

_Snape_: #TheyNeedToBringBack Real men.
That makes me feel bad for Snape. But anyway. I wish they would bring back:
Cursive writing, time to daydream, Rocko's Modern Life, Arrested Development, possibly the Sweet Valley High Books (what?), and REM.

What about you? Whatever it is, person, place, or thing -- what do you wish they'd bring back?

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I wish that they would bring back Gilmore Girls!!!!!

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