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7 Weirdest Ownership Claims Ever

By Jelena

Having your neighbor eyeballing your backyard or your mother in law acting like she owns your behind from the moment you’ve signed the papers can be pretty frustrating. However, no matter how bad and annoying it often gets, those are still not the most outrages or weirdest ownership claims ever. After all, there are at least 10 people in your country (only) that could relate to that. Now, the claims I’m about to mention now go beyond just talk or everything you’ve ever imagined and they are definitely and totally crazy. So, check out this list of 7 weirdest ownership claims ever and see for yourself.

1 Sun

Wanna stick your flag and claim a planet or maybe even a star? Well, go ahead! One woman already owns Sun so that leaves Moon, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Mars etc. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that this is one of the weirdest ownership claims ever but wait, wait. You haven’t heard the best part yet! The woman in question is actually thinking about putting taxes on the use of her property! She definitely needed to think this one through as I can’t even imagine the number of people that would want to sue her for cancers, sunburns and sun allergies now, when she officially owns the star.

2 Rain

Want to hear one of the weirdest ownership claims ever? Well, let me put it like this – you don’t want to be caught stealing government property, right? Well, in Utah, even rain falls under this category. LOL! “Falls”… you get it? Anyways, you might want to check who owns the rain in your country to avoid the inconvenience one Salt Lake City resident had to go through to find out that he can’t use good ol’ rainwater for his carwash because, duh, it belongs to the government!

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3 Term “Stealth”

Think well and hard before you decide to use this word for commercial purposes because Mr. Leo Stoller might sue you ass so bad, the kids of your kid’s kids will end up paying your dues. Yes, this “intellectual property entrepreneur”, as he likes to call himself, officially owns the term “stealth”.

4 Purple Color

There is a color called “purple” and there is a color called “Cadbury purple”, this latter being the one you can’t use on your product packages. Patented under the name Pantone 2685C, this color officially belongs to the chocolate giant and, although this might not be one of the weirdest ownership claims ever, it can sure come as a very unpleasant surprise to all companies wishing to use it. Sorry, guys, but Cadbury purple is off limits!

5 Plots on the Moon

Thinking about relocating? Don’t worry, there is a whole bunch of places you can go to… like Alaska, Hawaii… Moon. No, I’m not talking about honeymoon, girls, real Moon is what have in mind and you’d be surprised to know that 3.7 million people actually own a plot there. But, let’s mention the man who made it all happen, “all” of course being “a unique chance to spend your money and get absolutely nothing in return” - Dennis Hope, the owner of a little thing called "Lunar Embassy Corporation” and a man who claimed the Moon. Now that’s one smart man indeed!

6 Balloon Animals

Jeff Coons – does this name ring a bell? Nope? Well, let me tell you a story that will make sure you remember it forever! You see, some people would agree that making a balloon animal is not the same as inventing one but, Mr. Coons is simply not one of those people. He is an artist that once made a statue that looks like a balloon animal and then decided to sue a shop that sells bookends that look like a balloon animal statue he once made. Now, did I mention that his statue looks like an ordinary balloon animal you can get in any party supplies store/fair/children’s party?

7 Suffice “-ville”

Farmville madness continues! All game developers beware! Zynga, the company you ought to blame for the fact that half of your friends stay home on a Friday night watering virtual crops, now demands ownership on all games ending with the popular suffice. So, in case you ever come up with an interesting new game, “ville” is definitely not something you’d want to use in its title. Well, I don’t know about you but the only legal action I’d like to take is the one that involves banning this suffice forever.

Do tell me – aren’t these totally wacked? I told you I have a decent list of weirdest ownership claims ever, didn’t I?

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