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By Lyndsie

Today's hot trending topic is especially important, especially in light of recent events involving bullying and its tragic effects. Twitter is ablaze with #ICantRespectYouIf, and while some of the top tweets are predictably silly, bizarre, mundane, or even cruel, the majority of them are enlightening and relevant. They don't all have to do with the sad news topics of the past few days, from a bullied boy's untimely passing to what happened just the other day in Georgia, but in many ways they're all tied together. Respect is such an important issue, it's definitely worth the time to take a look at some of the trending tweets and open up a discussion about it.

Different people respect different things, but there's one thing we should all respect: each other. Your opinions might be different than mine but that's cool. You might not agree with your friend's opinions, your brother-in-law might thing yours are wrong, but that's all right, too. Even when you can't accept, you can respect. What are the most common things people don't have respect for? Here are some of the top tweets on the subject:

MrKattWilliams: #ICantRespectYouIf you can't even respect yourself. #SimpleAsThat

YFDF: #ICantRespectYouIf You're Always Blaming Someone Else For Your Problems.

No1FlyBoy: #icantrespectyouif u bring out other peoples flaws just so u can feel better about ur own insecurities.

Those are some pretty strong opinions, and some very good points.

So what things do you have trouble respecting? Sound off: #ICantRespectYouIf -- finish it in comments!

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