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8 Strangest Laws in the World ...

By Jelena

This colorful place we call Earth is full of strange laws and some of them even deserve the “flattering” title of the strangest laws in the world. You’ll probably find a whole bunch of them, one after another, each one even weirder than the one before. Well, you can always count on me to do my part of the job and get down on researching them. This time I’ve picked 8 very interesting ones that I find quite high one the weird scale. Yup, here they are – 8 strangest laws in the world:

1 Germany – No Stopping on Autobahn

If you’re a big fan of speed, you’ve probably been dreaming of Autobahn or even decided to go to Germany, just so you could enjoy the feeling of not having any speed limits do worry about. Unfortunately, the fans of slow rides might find it a bit handful, especially due to the fact that there is a law urging you to, once you start driving - keep driving. Yes, stopping on Autobahn is against the law and so if you don’t want to find out exactly how expensive everything in Europe really is, keep the pedal to the metal and hope you don’t feel the urge to go to the bathroom. Yes, that’s another strange law-if you, for any reason, decide to take a risk and stop, you mustn’t leave your car!

2 No Chewing Gum, Feeding Pigeons Etc. – Singapore

Singaporean government is very strict when it comes to public hygiene, so strict people are not even allowed to chew gums yet alone throw them around. However, that’s not the only thing you CAN’T do so feel free to add feeding pigeons and forgetting to flush the toilet to the list of don’ts. There are some good news, though – you don’t have to quit using your Nicorette gums although you must obtain a prescription from one of the local doctors who will then report it to the government.


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3 Pregnant Ladies Rule – UK

It might be just an urban myth, an yet, it might be 100% truth so, in case I have any UK readers, here’s the question – Are pregnant ladies really allow to relieve themselves anywhere they wish? I’ve even read police helmets are not totally off limits either. Sorry guys, but if that’s true, then I must say it’s definitely one of the strangest laws in the world! Fair one, I’ll give you that, but quite strange.

4 Adultery = Felony – Michigan

"Any person who shall commit adultery shall be guilty of a felony; and when the crime is committed between a married woman and a man who is unmarried, the man shall be guilty of adultery, and liable to the same punishment." Yes, this is an actual quote so, if I were you, I’d think twice and ask three times before hooking up with a married Michigan gal.

5 Peek-a-Mom – Colombia

First sexual experience is quite tricky as it is, I couldn’t imagine my mom being present as a bonus. However, in Cali, Colombia, everything must be according to law and that, unfortunately, involves a husband, a virgin wife, first sex and the bride’s mom, overlooking the entire “event”. Whoa! Now, is there anyone out there who thinks this isn’t one of the strangest laws in the world?

6 No Noisy Footwear –Italy

Soundproof your flip-flops before travelling to Capri, Italy as overly noisy footwear might put you behind bars! One couple actually got arrested for wearing flip-flops that, apparently, flopped or flipped more than the peace-loving locals could tolerate. Interesting, huh?

7 No Lovey-Dovey Stuff – Dubai

Don’t kiss, hung or exhibit any kind of affectionate behavior while staying in Dubai as it can and probably will make you celebrate the next few wedding anniversaries behind bars. Haven’t you heard about it? It was all over the news! You know, those UK honeymooners who got caught making love on the beach… Man, that sure wasn’t the honeymoon they were hoping for and I must agree this is one of the strangest laws in the world.

8 No Unmarried Gals Falling from the Skies on Sunday – Florida

Now, if you thought zany laws exist only in extremely traditional countries, think again, as that definitely isn’t the general rule. So, if you decide to parachute on Sunday while in Florida, you’d better have a wedding ring adorning your finger! Failing to obey this law will earn you nothing less than a bed&breakfast in the closest jail! You’ve been warned…

Well, ladies these are some pretty strange laws, you must admit that. But are they the strangest laws in the world? Maybe you can tell me more about some lesser known, even crazier laws? Well, go ahead I'm all ears, or even better, eyes!

Top Photo Credit: Tony the Misfit

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