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How many of you are mourning the loss of Harry Potter? I am too, and while spending countless hours on Pottermore (don't hate, y'all!) helps a little, I still find myself writhing in anticipation for the fated day that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II finally comes out on DVD. For those of you who are really into the Potterverse, then you'll be excited to know about the big news that's been pulsing all over the interweb for the past couple of days...

It's only fitting that the upcoming DVD, the last of its kind, will be chock full of lots of extra goodies. The one generating the most buzz will belong to the Ultimate Edition DVD, and I've got a great teaser for you: a clip from β€œCreating the World of Harry Potter – Growing Up with Harry Potter.”

The special will take us back to the long-ago, magical days when we first heard of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, and got to see for the first time how they'd fit the characters they were playing. Seeing them so young, and then witnessing the phenomenal actors they've grown to be, will probably make me cry just as much as the movies. What? The good news for lovers of Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy (ahem, ahem), McGonagall, Hagrid, and other key, beloved players is that they'll all be featured as well.

For those of us who cling to the knowledge that Hogwarts will always be home, this is a real treat. Who's with me in mourning? Let me know your favorite Harry Potter moments, in the books or the films, and what special features you'd really love to see!

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"phenomenal actors" my arse. you're such a sycophant.

I'm so sad that there is no more Harry Potter. For the longest time when I wasn't reading a new book or watching a new movie I was anticipating the next one coming out. I was sad four years ago when there were no more books to look forward to, but at least I had upcoming movies. Now that it's over it feels like something is missing :( I watched that clip like five times haha.

:(((((((((((((((((( <3 lav itt

i miss harry potter series...n its really nice to see these types of posts

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