People React Badly to Facebook's Epic Fail ...

The past few days, my Facebook page has been inundated with message. In and of itself, that's not unusual. That's what it's for, after all, updating your life and making sure all your friends know all the minutiae of your day. However. All those messages have consisted of two subjects: "Omg I hate the new Facebook layout!" or "Omg stfu and quit complaining about the new Facebook layout!" I find both things annoying but largely hate the latter message more because it generally comes from a bunch of self-righteous snots who are only on my list because of obligations and -- but I digress. No, these people are not the topic. Facebook itself is the top.

Facebook changes. It happens. As soon as you get used to something new, they completely change everything. It's like they want to be the Facebook of the 2010s. But people are really, really mad this time.

I can understand why. Suddenly, people you've hidden are back in your Newsfeed -- when you can find it. You're forced to see Twitter-like updates, you get randomly dumped into chats when you've spent a lot of time making sure your privacy is always set to "hidden" so you don't have to talk to all those old high school friends who think you're going to be BFFs now, everywhere you turn you're forced to see all the pictures your friends endlessly tag themselves in, you have to see tons of random, annoying polls ("Isn't my baby the cutest there ever was?" No -- but "no" is never an option), there are more lists than you know what to do with, and you're invited to subscribe to everything. Tons of people are, of course, threatening to quit; not even a fraction of them will ultimately end up doing so. Within a few weeks, things will go back to normal. Within a few months, the whole cycle will repeat.

My question is: do you care? If so, why specifically? Do you think the reason Facebook's implemented all of these annoying changes is because they're a little scared of Google+?

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