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By Lyndsie

“Everybody lies,” says House, my own personal favorite TV doctor. Apparently the rest of the internet agrees, because today's hottest trending topic, spreading from the Twitterverse on outward, is the ever interesting, always intriguing, endlessly entertaining #Top10Lies. Unequivocally the best top 10 list ever, people's responses to the trend have been very illuminating, to say the least. I'm going to take a look at some of the most thought-provoking (and the funniest), share some of mine, and get some of yours!
Not so surprisingly, many of the Top 10 Lies have to do with dating and relationships:

KeepingItRealz: #Top10Lies I didn't get your text.
XavierTorres_: #Top10Lies “Just tell me, I promise I won't get mad.”
Mr100_LeonRoss: #Top10Lies – We're JUST Friends...
THE_BOONDOCKS: #Top10Lies: I love you.
Others are a bit more general … but terribly funny:

Madeasimmons_: #Top10Lies - “Oh my gosh that is the cutest baby I have EVER seen!”
FrankieeJaay_: #Top10Lies – i read & agree to the terms & conditions.
daddysbelle: “But daddy, I got it on sale.” #Top10Lies
Lord_Voldemort7: #Top10Lies There's nothing to worry about.
Lord Voldemort always has the best pieces of advice lies.

Number one in my list of top lies would probably have to be, “What, you didn't get the email I sent you?” Occupational hazard, y'all. "I'm right on top of that," is another personal favorite.

Now, whether it's about love, money, or keeping the pieces, what are some of your #Top10Lies? Sound off in comments! I'll never tell your fibs, I promise!

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