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5 Things Lacy and Lovely...

By Meream

1 Tough and Sweet

Okay, how insanely fun are these photos? You gotta hand it to Susie Bubble. She sure finds interesting designers with interesting concepts.

2 Soft and Decadent

Imagine sleeping on pillows of lace and silk... You'll definitely feel like a princess. That is one suggestion that Super Kawaii Mama gives us, especially when you're sick.

3 Cheap and Cute

How adorable is the lace headband listed here? I am not a huge headband person because they give me headaches but I'm guessing a lace version might not be too hard on my "whiny" head.

4 Stylish and Classic

If you happen to live in Victoria, Australia, you will want to check out this exhibit. It's called Lace in Fashion. You will learn everything --- from its history to how it has helped shaped style.

5 Winning and Charming

Look how cute Leighton is with her Teen Choice Awards surfboard. Do you love her lacy dress? I think it's cute but the shoes are a bit OTT.

Are you seeing lots of lacy frocks these days? They ARE quite big this year. If you know of links showing all things lacy and lovely, tell us by leaving a comment.

Top Photo Credit: Meream

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