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5 Things Green and Everything in between...

By Meream

Table of contents:

  1. green-eyed monster
  2. olives for fall
  3. herbs for your kitchen
  4. green fashion
  5. pickled peppers

1 Green-Eyed Monster

Do you get jealous of Bella when Edward risks his life for her? Do you feel that you should be the one Edward is hugging/kissing/smiling at? Hmm...You might be in love with Edward.

2 Olives for Fall

Not the kind you eat, of course. Take a look at the link and tell us what olive goody you fancy. Mine would be the full skirt and the ring. So pretty!

3 Herbs for Your Kitchen

I may not have the greenest thumb in my family but I have not given up on my hopes to grow my own herbs. Here are 5 that can help me start my herb garden dreams.

4 Green Fashion

Have you seen the new collection that the beautiful Emma Watson has modeled for People Tree? They are beautiful. If you want ethical and green fashion, this brand is one great option.

5 Pickled Peppers

Hmm I don't know how these will taste like but judging from the picture, I bet they will be yummy. Have you made these before? If you haven't, there is a recipe posted on the link.

So anything green caught your eye lately? From eco-living to fab green things to buy, we are interested in them! Show us links by leaving comments.

Top Photo Credit: Pinch My Salt

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