7 Creepy Ideas for Halloween ...


7 Creepy Ideas for Halloween ...
7 Creepy Ideas for Halloween ...

What kid, or adult, doesn’t enjoy dressing up and running around, knocking on doors and asking for candy? Who doesn’t enjoy a few super funny, er… creepy, pranks, decorations, or food ideas at Halloween? Keep reading for some crazy, creepy, crafty ideas…

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Creepy Hand

Creepy Hand Photo Credit: 671joel

Oh, we’ve all seen the creepy hand coming out of a vase, or box, or coffin. But here’s a new one to try. Fill a new, clean vinyl or latex glove with water and freeze. After it id frozen, cut it open, then place it in your punch bowel.


Creepy Window

Creepy Window Photo Credit: maytevidri (out) MDZ

Black out your window with black contact paper, except for one area. In that spot, place a jack-o-lantern, or bat, or cat, whatever you want, in an orange, green, or even purple construction paper cutout. Place a bright light or flash light on a table behind the cutout and turn off all the other lights in the room. Even better, make the eyes of the cutout an eerie white.


Creepy Yard

Creepy Yard Photo Credit: Terry.Tyson

Place a large pot (caldron) in the yard or on the front porch. Place orange and red Christmas lights under it to resemble a fire. Fill the pot with dry ice and water for smoky effect. Even better, place floating candles (as many as you can fit) in the water for an added “glow” coming from the pot.


Creepy Trees

Creepy Trees Photo Credit: sniderscion

I’m sure you have seen the ghost hanging from the tree, right? Why not add a couple of battery powered tea candles where his eyes are? This makes for glow in the dark eyes!


Creepy Spider Web

Creepy Spider Web Photo Credit: Sugar Moon Cake Co.

Buy the spider web cotton and paint with some glow in the dark paint. Stretch the web over bushes, trees, your porch, and front door. Many people expect to see the spider web stuff; the creepy effect is the glowing look.


Creepy Outlines

Creepy Outlines Photo Credit: photosam1000

Outline everything with lights! Your cutouts, your scarecrows, your pumpkins. Every thing in your yard and on your porch. Use purple lights, orange lights, or red lights.


Creepy Lights

Creepy Lights Photo Credit: unlimited inspirations

Speaking of lights, a rotating, flashing strobe light, hidden behind the bushes, makes a great, creepy statement. Use darker colors, such as purple, red, and eerie green. People will come visit just to look at the lights.

So, are you ready for a great, creepy Halloween? Try these ideas and let me know which ones worked for you? Which idea did you think is the creepiest?

Top Photo Credit: spunkyjunk

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