8 Cool Costumes for Halloween ...


8 Cool Costumes for Halloween ...
8 Cool Costumes for Halloween ...

Halloween is right around the corner. This is an exciting year for both the young and the old and it is my favorite time of the year. I am going to give you 8 cool costumes for Halloween …

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Shrek Gingerbread Man

Shrek Gingerbread Man Price: $34.99 at amazon.com
Who here has the desire to be the Gingerbread man from Shrek? I don’t, but I am sure some guy or kid out there does. For them, I give you the Shrek Gingerbread Man costume.


Western Saloon Girl Halloween Costume

Western Saloon Girl Halloween Costume Price: $67.95 at amazon.com
If only we could walk around all the time wearing this saloon girl Halloween costume and get away with it. Halloween is the one chance you will get to wear this sexy Western saloon girl Halloween costume.


Miss Krueger Costume

Miss Krueger Costume Price:$46.99 at amazon.com
With this, the price varies. You can’t beat this Miss Krueger costume. See, it tells us that guys aren’t the only ones that can be scary people. I think this costume will be scary, yet sexy at the same time.


Avatar Secret Wishes Neytiri Costume

Avatar Secret Wishes Neytiri Costume Price: $36.99 at amazon.com
How many Avatar fans are there out there? I admit that it was a good movie. My husband and daughter watched it together. We also have the video game. This year, I think the Avatar costume is going to be a big hit.


Deluxe Strawberry Shortcake Toddler/Child Costume

Deluxe Strawberry Shortcake Toddler/Child Costume Price $35.48 at amazon.com

I remember watching Strawberry Shortcake when I was a little girl and now, I see my little girl watching it. I think Strawberry Shortcake would be a cool costume for your little girl to wear, if she’s into that type of stuff.


Princess Leia Slave Costume

Princess Leia Slave Costume Price: $35.43 at amazon.com
Each year, we see at least one Princess Leia walking around. There are many Star Wars fans out there. The Princess Leia costume is always a big hit. Is this what you want to be this Halloween?


French Kiss Costume

French Kiss Costume Price $86.99 at amazon.com

This is a cute costume. It is accented with little pink bows all over it. Hair bows come with it and will definitely complete the look of this one. This would be a nice one to wear to a Halloween Party.


Buccaneer Babe Costume

Buccaneer Babe Costume Price $59.99 at amazon.com

Do you have a husband who has a love for pirates? Do you yourself have love for pirates? If so, then you might want to consider going as a girl pirate. I think this one is cool.

There you have 8 cool Halloween costumes. What do you plan on being this year? I want to be a Night Elf with my daughter.

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