7 of My Favorite Fairy Tales ...

By Jordin

7 of My Favorite Fairy Tales ...

A damsel in distress. A charmingly handsome prince. A daring rescue! Happily ever after. Oh, and some cake! Isn’t that what all good fairy tales have in common? They may be unrealistic, but who doesn’t like to dream on? There’s just something about entering a world where anything is possible that’s exciting! So here are my 7 top favorite fairy tales and why I love them!

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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Photo Credit: Fröken Skicklig

The first time I ever heard this story when I was a little girl, it made me cry! Just to think of those poor little kids alone in the woods and then a witch grabbing them and trying to eat them up! But what good is a fairy tale without a wicked witch? And the way they stuck up for each other and made it out of there is such a sweet ending!


Aladdin’s Magic Lamp

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Photo Credit: Express Monorail

So, who wouldn’t want to be granted 3 magic wishes? I love this story because of its magical feeling, the flying rug and the cool blue genie. And princess Jasmine is simply a knockout! That Aladdin guy certainly was one lucky guy; he got it all didn’t he?


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Photo Credit: partymonstrrrr

I think the thing that is most alluring about this fairy tale is that it has a sweet innocent little girl and a big, bad wolf. Of course the good guy comes to the rescue, but isn’t this story sort of like the kid version of all of our action flick movies today? Think about it, the deceit, the trickery and the moment of truth- not so innocent huh? Ok, I’m not pitching for you to pull Red Riding Hood out of your kids’ toy box, just saying it sort of has the “dark side” appeal to it!


Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots Photo Credit: saltycotton

A talking cat? Yea, a little far fetched. But then, aren’t ALL fairy tales that way? That’s why they are called fairy tales, they couldn’t really happen. It’s just fun to be lost in a fantasy world! And you can’t deny that puss steals your heart every time with his charm and wit.



Thumbelina Photo Credit: Touchoo

I have a love for tiny things. Tiny boxes, tiny dolls, tiny picture frames, anything small I love it! So it should be no surprise that I love this fairy tale so much! Thumbelina is so darling and beautiful, and the fact that she was found in a flower just makes her that much more precious!

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The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea Photo Credit: makeitperfect

I love this fairy tale because of how feminine it is. Yes, feminine! The princess was such a lady with such tender skin, that she could feel a lump under a hundred mattresses. You know what attracts all the princes to the princesses? It’s not how tough and manly she can be, it’s how soft and pretty and sweet she is!


Robin Hood

Robin Hood Photo Credit: Jameson42

Ok, I’m sure this one was a little unexpected to you all. But I think Robin Hood is one of my favorites! He was so brave and kind and true, yet a little sly and sneaky at the same time. And he would have done anything for his lovely maid Marion! I love it when a man steps up to the plate. And the only thing that I can say for maid Marion is that she sure was one “foxy” lady!

I don’t think that any of us will ever completely outgrow fairy tales. Deep down inside, we all want our “happily ever after” with our “Prince Charming”. Oh and our white picket fence houses. Or should I say castles? I’m sure that all of us will never tire of hearing another fairy tale. What is your favorite princess story?

Top Photo Credit: ~Phamster~

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I love Mulan tales though there is no fairy.

Oh, I loved this list! But my favorites would be Beauty and The Beast. And Cinderella.