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Does anyone besides me use their cell phone for making actual phone calls anymore? Even my 85-year-old grandmother sends me text messages rather than calling me, and I’m starting to get in on the texting action. I’m not the world’s fastest texter, but now that I’ve started using text abbreviations, at least my 19-year-old daughter doesn’t make fun of me anymore… but if you’re not sure what they mean, it can be embarrassing, so here’s my list of 10 common text abbreviations, and what they mean.

1. IDK (I Don’t Know)

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This one was pretty easy to figure out, although I admit I don’t use it much. And besides, what else could is stand for? “I Decorate Kitchens?”

2. TMI (Too Much Information)

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My daughter and I use this one a lot, especially when we’re talking (or texting) about our personal lives. I don’t want to hear a whole lot about the dates she’s been on this past weekend, and I’m sure she doesn’t want to hear about mine!

3. TTYL (Talk to You Later)

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I hate when people use this one… how hard is it to type in “bye”? But it seems to be everywhere, so I’m getting used to it…

4. OMG (Oh My God)

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Not only are people using this abbreviation in texts, IM’s, and on Facebook comments, they’re even us9ing it in their real-life conversations! I love it!

5. Lol (Laughing out Loud)

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I had a friend who used to sign her emails with this one, thinking that it meant “Lots of Love.” It may not seem like a big deal, but when one of her friends lost their grandmother, and she was sending a condolence note, it didn’t go over very well, as you can imagine.

6. <3 (Love)

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I admit it — I had to ask my daughter what this one meant. I knew it meant something nice, but she rolled her eyes at me and told me to tilt my head to the side… a heart! The opposite of this </3, which means “don’t love.” Or you could use “ILY” which also means “I love you.”

7. BRB (Be Right Back)

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I use this one a lot, especially when instant messaging, so the person I’m chatting with doesn’t think I’m ignoring them.

8. BF/GF/BFF (Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Best Friend Forever)

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These ought to be obvious from how they’re used, but my mother and sister both asked what “BF” meant when I sent it in a message to them, so I thought I’d beter include it, along with MIL (mother-in-law) and DD (darling daughter).

9. JK (Just Kidding)

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I’m sure this one has saved many a person friend an immediate break-up or cat-fight over text. If you’ve just said something you regret, and there’s not enough time to type in “I’m so sorry I suggested that your boyfriend’s a complete jerk for hitting on me at that party last week” a simple “JK” might do the trick.

10. IDC (I Don’t Care)

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Aren’t you shocked that Kate Gosselin got kicked off of “Dancing with the Stars?” What did you think of that Tiger Woods or Jesse James business? This is the perfect time to type in “IDC” and hit “send.” Who cares?

Now that you know what these text abbreviations mean, feel free to pepper your text and instant messages with them. And, to save me from potential future embarrassment, do you have any other text abbreviations and their meanings to share with me?

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