7 Funny Jokes ...


7 Funny Jokes ...
7 Funny Jokes ...

I thought it was time to bring out a few more jokes! These are simple, cute jokes, most of them being one liners. Nothing you will roll in the floor over, but they will at least put a smile on your lips. So, if you are reading this at the beginning of your day, I hope it puts a lift in your step. If you are reading this at the end of your day, I hope you go to sleep a little less stressful.

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Back when I Was in the Army…

Back when I Was in the Army… Photo Credit: The U.S. Army

Freddie and Johnny were having a discussion as to whose daddy was the strongest, the smartest, the richest… When Freddie piped up. “Oh yea,” he says, lacing his hands on his hips. “Back when my dad was in the Army, he fought the dinosaurs!”


Angry Customer

Angry Customer Photo Credit: **Ms Judi**

What did the customer, who found a hair in on his pizza, give to the Italian chef?

A pizza his mind!


Fishing Tales

Fishing Tales Photo Credit: /ltus

Little Mikey and daddy were out fishing Saturday afternoon. There had barely been even a nibble all afternoon. Finally, Dad’s line jerked. Imagine his surprise and disappointment when he reeled in an old boot. To make Daddy feel better, Mikey offered some encouragement. “Look on the bright side, Daddy. At least it matched the boot you caught last week!”


Movies under the Sea

Movies under the Sea Photo Credit: racingsquirrel

Where do mermaids, fish, and sharks go to the movies?

At the dive-in


Cheer for Your Breakfast

Cheer for Your Breakfast Photo Credit: Chris Wolters Photography

What do cheerleaders and members of the pep squad eat for breakfast?



Happy Anniversary to Who?

Happy Anniversary to Who? Photo Credit: squeakypeach4

A man walked into the tattoo parlor and said, “Tomorrow is my anniversary. I want to give my wife something totally unexpected. Can you tattoo Brad Pitt’s face on my face?


School for What?

School for What? Photo Credit: Yatmandu

David showed up at the bus stop wearing a pair of goggles, swimming trunks, and flippers. Mary looked down at him and rolled her eyes in disgust. “You have no idea what summer school is, do you?” she asked.

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Top Photo Credit: Ryan Brenizer

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The one about Brad Pitt's face made me chuckle.

Dinosaur fighter and Brad Pitt are hilarious.

Wow poor Kidd in summer school lol

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