7 Funny Jokes for Kids ...


7 Funny Jokes for Kids ...
7 Funny Jokes for Kids ...

Children love a good laugh, don't they? But these days, it is hard to find jokes that are appropriate for little ones. Kids think it is funny to tell a joke about their older sister, or maybe pull a funny one on ole Gramps, so I found a few laugh out loud funny bone ticklers you can share with the pranksters in your family.

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Toilets and Toothbrushes

Ten-year-old Fred was known for his practical jokes, but one evening, a real life unfortunate incident occurred. Fred accidentally dropped his 16-year-old sister's, Mary, toothbrush in the toilet. Running to Mom, he said, "Mary is going to kill me. I dropped her toothbrush in the toilet." "Well, just explain it was an accident and tell her we will buy her a new one tomorrow," Mom wisely said. "Ok," Fred answered. "But she is still going to kill me," Fred said gulping as Mary entered the room. "What have you been doing?" Mom asked Mary. "Brushing my teeth," Mary said. "Why?"


False Teeth

False Teeth Photo Credit: alex.ragone

My mother dreaded the day when she would need dentures, but despite her fear, the day finally arrived. My 5-year old son really didn't understand the concept, but became mesmerized watching Mom clean them. After she finished brushing them, she placed them back in her mouth. My son finally blurted out, "Awesome Grams! Now, will you do that with your hand?"


Are You Sleeping with My Wife?

Are You Sleeping with My Wife? Photo Credit: christinator

Bill regularly works the night shift so many times Teresa lets their 5-year old son sleep in the bed with her. One evening, Bill came home early and jokingly told Thomas, "Go get in your own bed. This is MY wife!" Thomas jumped out of bed huffing. "Fine!" he called over his shoulder."When I have a wife, you can't sleep with her either!"


End of the World

End of the World Photo Credit: pictureclub_2000

Next time your favorite pet dies, don't let anyone chide you for your sadness. Take a cue from 7-year-old Nick, who lost his pet turtle. "It's okay, honey," his mom told him. "It's not the end of the world." Nick wiped his nose. "It is for my turtle," he wailed!


My Bright Sister

My Bright Sister Photo Credit: { karen }

Bridget may be blonde, but does that mean anything? Maybe. After seeing the front page of the town's newspaper, she had a seriously confusing look on her face. It was a picture of a small plane that had an emergency landing. A police car sat beside it. Bridget asked, "How did the police officer get the plane to pull over?"



Serena become extremely agitated with the slow traffic and even more frustrated when she read the road sign "Survey Crew Ahead." "Oh brother! What are they asking us now?"


I Look like Mommy!

I Look like Mommy! Photo Credit: marjanhols

My in laws came for a visit about a week after the birth of my new daughter. Judging from all the cooing, I knew they were enjoying themselves, so I asked them if I could step into the other room and wash a few bottles. Standing at the sink, I heard their hushed comments. Dad said, "I think she looks just like her mother." To which mom replied, "Don't worry. All newborns change pretty quickly."

I hope you have enjoyed these cute little jokes. Read them to your children. They will get big laughs from most of them, I am sure! What about you? Did you get a laugh from any of these funny bone ticklers?

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"Toilets and Toothbrushes" is totally funny.

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