7 Fun Themes for Your Child's Birthday Party ...


7 Fun Themes for Your Child's Birthday Party ...
7 Fun Themes for Your Child's Birthday Party ...

To a little kid, a birthday party is a special time! It’s your job to make sure he or she enjoys himself or herself and has a blast. I remember my birthday parties as a kid, my mom always had something special going on to make it a day to remember! Here are 7 fun themes you can use for your child’s birthday party.

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Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta Photo Credit: CarlosBravo

Why not have a Mexican fiesta theme? All the kids can wear sombrero hats, and you can serve fried ice cream with the cake! Have a piñata and play some Spanish themed games. Decorate with bright colored streamers. The kids will love it and so will you!


Water Blast

Water Blast Photo Credit: Danielle Foto Fun

For a cool summer-time party, have a water blast! Kids can come in their bathing suits, and you can have water balloons, water guns and lots of buckets handy! Use a tarp and a water hose to create an inexpensive “slip and slide”. This will be a ton of fun for kids and grown-ups alike!


Princess for a Day

Princess for a Day Photo Credit: Ruth velasquez

Now obviously, this is a theme for girls only, but it will be so fun! All of the mini royalties can come decked out in princess array. Arrange to have a friend or an older child help you paint nails and give “beauty makeovers”. Pass out goodie bags filled with candy bracelets and necklaces to take home!


Attack of the Pirates

Attack of the Pirates Photo Credit: Joriel "Joz" Jimenez

Here is a “just for the boys” idea. Pirates! Make or buy pirate hats and eye patches for everyone. Hand out plastic swords and play pirate oriented games. Serve some ocean blue punch and little goldfish crackers as a snack before cake and ice cream!


Movie Night

Movie Night Photo Credit: One Drop

Here’s a theme that boys and girls alike can enjoy. Pick out a DVD or two, and have plenty of popcorn on hand. If you want to serve food, pizza is always a hit for movie night! Dim the lights in the room and have lots of blankets and beanbags around to relax on. For older kids, play trivia question games about the movies in between!


Superhero to the Rescue

Superhero to the Rescue Photo Credit: Jen's Cakery

Superheroes are a pretty common theme for parties, but here’s a twist. Don’t go with just one, have them all! Invite your guests to come dressed as any superhero they want and decorate with as many superhero themes you can. Cupcakes like these shown will be a big hit with kiddos!


Cookies Galore

Cookies Galore Photo Credit: ieatSTARS

Throw a big cookie bash! Have a lot of cookies pre-made, but don’t decorate them. Let the kids do it! Have cookies of all sizes, big, little and medium. Have icing, food coloring, sprinkles and little candies around for the kids to use. Be sure and take pics of all of them with their creations! Play some music in the background for a lively party atmosphere!

Allowing your child to help plan his or her party is part of the fun for them. Be sure and ask what they want and like before just assuming. But with these suggestions on hand, you’ll be well prepared to give some great ideas!

Top Photo Credit: Serendipity Photography, Houston, TX

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These are some really fun ideas...some of them aren't just for kids either cookie bash? Enough said! pirate party? Great excuse for "grown up" blue punch!

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