8 Ideas for a Holiday Party ...


8 Ideas for a Holiday Party ...
8 Ideas for a Holiday Party ...

Several issues stop people from having holiday parties, even when they really want to host one for friends and family. Some people don't have the money to spend, others don't have the time, and still others have no idea what kind of party to have. So, here are eight ideas for great holiday parties: some are frugal, others are easy, and still others are perfectly elegant!

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Potluck Parties

Potluck Parties Photo Credit: Vucko1000

A potluck breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or buffet can take a lot of the weight off your shoulders. You don't have to spend the time or money making a lot of food, plus your guests can share their favorite holiday treats. This is a casual, totally comfortable party plan.


A Holiday Brunch

A Holiday Brunch Photo Credit: ResideonSurf

Everyone's obsessed with dinner or supper parties around the holidays, which could be why they get so stressed. Dinner parties are so involved and it is so hard for everyone to find time to attend. In contrast, a brunch is simple but elegant, and takes place at an ideal time of day.


A Cocktail Party

A Cocktail Party Photo Credit: PinkBow

Who says you have to cook a full meal? Having a cocktail party can be lots of fun, and it is so chic! Look up some fabulous holiday inspired cocktails, make some scrumptious appetizers and hors d'oeuvres, and you're set!


Have Some Wine with Your Cheese

Have Some Wine with Your Cheese Photo Credit: barilynn8 (continuously ridiculously behind!)

What could be more sophisticated than a wine and cheese party? Some good wine, some delicious cheese, and some fresh fruit, and your party is pretty well planned. There's no real stress to contend with, plus you will have a wonderful opportunity to mingle with your guests rather than simply serving them.


The Cookie/Dessert Trade

The Cookie/Dessert Trade Photo Credit: erincooks

Everyone has their own favorite holiday cookies and desserts to share – and you can base a holiday party around that. Ask your guests to bring their favorite cookies or desserts, make your own as well, and trade around the deliciousness once everyone arrives! Plus, think of all the scrumptious leftovers!


Tree Trimming Festivities

Tree Trimming Festivities Photo Credit: louveciennes

Inviting your closest friends and family around to help you trim your tree is a wonderful idea. This is ideal for an intimate party, because it helps you create lots of holiday memories with the people you love most. And don't be afraid to offer to return the favor!


Secret Santa

Secret Santa Photo Credit: pinlux

Having a party where you exchange gifts is always great. Of course, there are several ways to figure out who buys what for whom, but that's half the fun. A good idea is to put a cap on the amount the guests spend on presents beforehand, though. That can save on some awkwardness later. Besides, it's always the thought that counts!


Theme Party

Theme Party Photo Credit: brianjmatis

Theme parties are fun all year 'round, but especially during the holiday season! Plus, there are so many options here. Maybe you want to have a GLEE! party, a House themed party, or one based around Mad Men. Maybe you want to harken back to your favorite movie or play – heck, maybe you want to be a rebel and have a Rocky Horror Picture Show party for the holidays!

Whatever the case, you don't have to stress out over throwing a party for the people you love. There are so many ideas that are cost effective and time efficient. They will simply allow you to enjoy your guests. What kinds of holiday parties are you looking forward to this season?

Top Photo Credit: Laughing Squid

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