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Now that there’s a television in almost every room in everyone’s house, and with everyone so busy, it’s rare to spend any time together. As in, everyone in the family in the same room, at the same time, without the television on! And is there any better way to spend an evening together with your family than a game night? Not sure what to play? Here are my ideas on what games to play for your next family game night!

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Play a Few Hands of UNO

Play a Few Hands of UNO Price: $5.09 at shop.mattel.com
This game is perfect for a family game night with three or more people, as long as all of the children in the group are at least seven or eight years old. The rules are simple — each player gets seven cards and the first person to use all of their cards wins… but don’t forget to say UNO when you only have one card left!


Roll Some Dice for Yahtzee

Roll Some Dice for Yahtzee Price: $6.99 at hasbrotoyshop.com
This game is so much fun! Roll the dice and earn points for different dice combinations. It helps teach kids math basics, and also helps with their gambling skills, Vegas-style! Great for groups of three or more…


Run a Monopoly

Run a Monopoly Price: $14.99 at hasbrotoyshop.com
You don’t have to be Bill Gates to run a monopoly. Buy properties, Collect rents, build hotels, go round the board, and stay out of jail! Often the most contentious part of the game is the very beginning, when everyone gets to choose a game marker… everyone always wants to be either the cool race car or the cute dog…


Stack Some Melissa & Doug Dominoes

Stack Some Melissa & Doug Dominoes Price: $19.99 at toysrus.com
There are a lot of fun things you can do with a set of dominos! You can, of course, play the game itself, or you can stack them and knock them down, one after the other! Dominoes are great even for little kids, since there’s only a little counting involved. Best for two players.


Sink Some Battleships

Sink Some Battleships Price: $16.99 at hasbrotoyshop.com
This is my boyfriend’s favorite family game night selection! He always beats everyone he plays. This is a two-player game of strategy, where you place your ships on a grid, and your opponent tries to “hit” them by calling out numbers. If he guesses all of the grid numbers for your ship, he’s sunk it. Whoever sinks all of the other person’s ships first, wins!


Get a Clue

Get a Clue Price: $16.99 at hasbrotoyshop.com
There are a lot of fun versions of this game, and there was even a comedy film based on it, too! The game is a who-done-it, where finding out the murderer, the weapon, and the location are the object of the game. Great for fans of CSI!


Go Fish!

Go Fish! Price: $5.99 at toysrus.com
A classic family game night game, perfect for little kids. Each player gets seven cards, and when it’s their turn, they get to ask another player for a particular card. If the player has it, they hand it over to make pairs. If not, the player has to draw from the pile, or “go fish.” The game continues until a player runs out of cards, and the player with the most pairs, wins!


Get Scrabbled

Get Scrabbled Price: $14.99 at hasbrotoyshop.com
This and Boggle are my favorite games for family game night, because I’m a freak for words and I’m very competitive. This game is best played among two to four adults, and it can get nasty, so have a dictionary handy to check and make sure “zyz” is actually a word!

My family loves Scrabble and Monopoly, but I think our favorite is Clue! Which of these games do you and your family like best for family game night? Or is there another family favorite that you play? Please let me know!

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