7 Ways to Celebrate the Start of Spring ...


7 Ways to Celebrate the Start of Spring ...
7 Ways to Celebrate the Start of Spring ...

Open the curtains... look, sunlight! It’s Spring! It’s one of my favourite times of year... seeing the flowers begin to grow and baby animals appear is lovely after a cold winter, not to mention getting to wear nice outfits again with open fun shoes instead of boots and not needing to take a jumper everywhere! Now that Spring is here, it’s time to celebrate, and here are my top seven ways to celebrate the start of Spring.

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Zoo Day!

Zoo Day! Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

Grab some friends and head to the zoo with a picnic... seeing all the proud Mummy animals is brilliant and you’ll get some super cute photos too. I love zoos, they are so full of wonder and imagination and excellent exercisetoo!


Have a BBQ!

Have a BBQ! Photo Credit: c.zwerg

Grab some BBQ ingredients and eat outside. Make salad, drink wine and enjoy the outdoors (even if you have to wear a sweater!). I miss BBQ season all through the winter...


Dress the Part

Dress the Part Photo Credit: ♥ honeybee photography ♥

Paint your toe nails bright pink, wear a summer dress, grab some sandals, and buy a straw hat. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it will make to your mood... you’ll instantly feel like spring!


Take a Picture

Take a Picture Photo Credit: ♥Spice / Tryin' to catch up!

Who cares about paparazzi photos when you can capture nature instead.Go for a stroll around your neighbourhood and take a picture of everything that shows the start of Spring. Use them to make a gorgeous Spring collage for the wall... it’ll keep you feeling Spring like even on bad days!


Update the House

Update the House Photo Credit: Miss K.B.

My house always looks so depressingly empty after the Christmas decorations have gone down, so at the start of spring, I go on a house shopping spree. Grab a bright coloured rug and lamps, and some pillow cases. Your house will instantly seem much more Spring-like!


Play Golf

Play Golf Photo Credit: twg1942

Who said golf is a man's game. Grab a ball and head out to play some golf. I have no idea why, but golf always seems so spring like, and golf courses are always set in such picturesque locations... I visited my favourite golf course this week and there are tiny daffodils everywhere! It’s beautiful and made me feel so cheerful and it would for a wonderful fun date!


Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles Photo Credit: photosbysavs

Bubbles are amazing! Channel your inner child and blow some bubbles... they are inexpensive and great fun, and are certain to make you feel happy. What a perfect way to celebrate the start of Spring.

Once you’ve worked your way through this list, you’ll feel much happier and more ready for spring... I know I can’t wait to be immersed in springness. It’s the perfect cure for the winter blues! Have you got a tip for welcoming in the spring? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: photosbysavs

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Over in here in the UK we've waited quite a while for Spring but it finally looks like it has arrived! It has an instant mood lightening effect and everyone is brighter and chirpier - even with Icelandic ash clouds overhead! And I love those painted toes-have had my first pedicure of the year! Jane

Dressing up for a particular season is always fun. Especially because it almost always follows shopping. Haha

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