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10 Best Paparazzi Photos of the Week ...

By Sheila

As gratitude to the paparazzi who so faithfully bring us pictures from the sacred world of celebrities, here are our favorite paparazzi photos of the week. Sit back, relax and enjoy the celebrity week that was.

1 the Hilton Ladies in Los Angeles

Paris and Nicole Hilton looked lovely while they lunched and later shopped at L.A. Ugh, I'm so jealous!
the Hilton Ladies in Los AngelesSee all photos

2 Janice Dickinson in NYC

Janice Dickinson entertained fans and paparazzi at New York City by making faces at them! You've gotta hand it to her. She may be crazy but she's entertaining as heck!
Janice Dickinson in NYCSee all photos

3 Cheryl Cole Dined in Paris

Cheryl Cole dined at the Hotel Costes in Paris looking ravishing in black! I'm sure Ashley's facepalming himself somewhere.
Cheryl Cole Dined in ParisSee all photos

4 Brad Pitt at the Premiere of Kick Ass

Brad Pitt still looked like a man-goat at the London premiere of his movie Kick Ass. I read somewhere that the reason for the shabby beard is plain and simple...boredom. Well Brad, get over it! Please?
Brad Pitt at the Premiere of Kick AssSee all photos

5 Nicky Hilton at the Car Wash

Nicky Hilton looked fabulous as she dropped off her Range Rover for a day at the car wash in L.A.
Nicky Hilton at the Car WashSee all photos

6 Pixie Lott at the LAX Airport

Pixie Lott looked ADORABLE as the paparazzi clicked away at the LAX airport. I'm in love with her exaggeration here.
Pixie Lott at the LAX AirportSee all photos

7 Katy Perry in Los Angeles

Katy Perry hit the city solo, dressed in a mini skirt and fun leggings. She really loves them leggings doesn't she?
Katy Perry in Los AngelesSee all photos

8 Mary Kate in NYC

Mary Kate looked like some kind of bird strutting around in a fur coat in New York. The hair of course didn't help her cause much.
Mary Kate in NYCSee all photos

9 Kylie Minogue in London

Kylie left home in London with a bright pink Chanel purse. It's so cute, I think I'm going to cry or pout till someone gives it to me. :D
Kylie Minogue in LondonSee all photos

10 Miley Cyrus in NYC

Everyone's darling Miley Cyrus *blech* waved to cameras and fans at New York city. I must have that crazy fun boho bag!
Miley Cyrus in NYCSee all photos

And there you have it, our favorite Paparazzi photos of the week! Don't forget to tell me your favorite and visit our new celebrity website for more pictures!

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