8 Celebrity Mansions ...


8 Celebrity Mansions ...
8 Celebrity Mansions ...

It’s quite fun to look at pictures of celebrity homes and see how the other half live. Either you can marvel at their appalling taste, or envy what their talent (or lack of) has bought. Here I’ve picked out some celebrity mansions for you to admire.

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Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace Photo Credit: nian_formosa

Wow and wow again. I wish I could afford a beautiful house like this! Unlike many celebrity homes, it’s not flash – at least on the outside. Allegedly sold for $53 million after the designer’s death. Just a bit outside my price range, then.


Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld Photo Credit: BUY SELL HOMES INT

Being funny obviously pays well. Now, this is more like what I’d expect from a celebrity home. Pity he can’t afford to fill the swimming pool though – must have spent all his cash on the house.


Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Photo Credit: TwoCrabs

I wouldn’t mind a prime piece of London real estate either. I’m not sure who kept the house after the couple split – they had so many – but I think I’d have tried to hang on to this one. Wonder if you get resident’s paparazzi included?


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Photo Credit: BUY SELL HOMES INT

Pitt used to own this palatial mansion in Malibu. I wonder what that weird-looking roof is made of – and if he used to jump out the windows straight into the swimming pool?


Michael Jackson

Neverland had to be the ultimate celebrity mansion. Imagine having your own fairground! I’d also love my own train, that would be immensely cool. It’s such a shame that the estate has fallen into disrepair.



Playboy Photo Credit: Si1very

Good old Hugh Hefner … he knows how to live the celebrity lifestyle and he’s not about to retire any time soon. Mind you, what octogenarian wouldn’t like to fill this huge house with pretty young women?


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Photo Credit: lorryx3

An inside shot for a change. And what a shot! This is Mariah’s wardrobe. For most of us lesser mortals, a wardrobe is a small cupboard. For Mariah, it’s a room which is probably ten times bigger than my entire flat. Still, I’d love to have first pick of any clothes she throws out …



Anon Photo Credit: Joalhi "Around the World"

I believe someone quite famous lives here …

Do you like reading about celebrity homes? Whose do you most admire? Which celebrities do you think have the worst taste in houses?

Top Photo Credit: Ironworker63

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i would get lost in mariah's closet lol

ohhhh celebrity mansions, how i wish and wish and wish .........

Oh Maria........Don't you get lost!

Wow Mariah Carey's wardrobe looks like a high couture store... who wouldn't want that as a wardrobe!!!

They are beautiful homes, but seriously why do you need something so big, not to mention they are not even home 85% of the time!

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