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8 Gorgeous Older Male Celebs ...

By Alison

You can keep your pretty boys - I’ve always thought that older men have that edge that makes them so much more fanciable. Many just get better and better with maturity (I loathe the word age). I must say, I’ve never got the Brad Pitt thing, but these eight handsome devils are welcome to give me a call anytime …

Table of contents:

  1. george clooney has to be number one
  2. johnny depp
  3. hugh laurie
  4. keanu reeves
  5. colin firth
  6. pierce brosnan
  7. christophe lambert
  8. treat williams

1 George Clooney Has to Be Number One

Proof that men look great with grey hair, he is even better looking than in his early days on ER. Mr Clooney may be nearly 50, but he’ll always be Gorgeous George to me. I think I’ll still be drooling ovr him whe he’s 90 (well, I won’t be far behind).

Photo Credit: Pulicciano

2 Johnny Depp

Now this I do get. I might sometimes wish that Mr Depp would remember to shave, but he’s still got it. Pity there’s so much competition for his affections though. Still, he’s not the only gorgeous older male celeb around …

Photo Credit: nono6400

3 Hugh Laurie

Now, I remember Hugh from his comedy days, and I can tell you that he’s definitely improved with age. If I ever found myself in hospital, Dr House can treat me any time. I don’t even mind how rude he is, I’d just be rude right back! How long is your stethoscope, Doctor …

Photo Credit: neverland_rose

4 Keanu Reeves

Another forty-something hottie who just doesn’t seem to get any older. Poor old Keanu might get slammed for being a wooden actor (although I’ve seen him give some very good performances), but be honest, would you kick him out of bed?

Photo Credit: abdullaziz_khododo

5 Colin Firth

Mr Darcey. Wet shirt. Need I say more? Thank god for DVDs – that moment as he emerges from the lake can be rerun and rerun …

Photo Credit: fernanda2727 ( away..)

6 Pierce Brosnan

Well in his fifties, but still my favourite Bond. Daniel Craig, you’re still a baby. Brosnan wears those years soooo well and I’d still believe he could race around beating up the baddies without breaking a sweat.

Photo Credit: photodude888

7 Christophe Lambert

French, with lovely blue eyes. What’s not to love? Maybe not one of the best actors, but I’m a sucker for a gorgeous Frenchman, and Cristophe is still looking pretty good in my book.

Photo Credit: ManuelQuijano

8 Treat Williams

May be very grey these days, but I’ve always fancied him and I’m not about to stop now. Should be better known, but at least I can keep him to myself. (PS he’s the one in the middle … oops, should I have told you that?)

Photo Credit: Jaimie Sun

So which older actors do you fancy? No-one under 40 allowed! Do you appreciate maturity in a man?

Top Photo Credit: fernanda2727 ( away..)

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