5 Gorgeous Celeb Photos to Gawk at ...


5 Gorgeous Celeb Photos to Gawk at ...
5 Gorgeous Celeb Photos to Gawk at ...

Being an amateur at both photography and Photoshop, I always enjoy scouring the myriad of celebrity blogs for professional photos of celebrities. This week, I found new ads that are great works of art. If I were a teenager and in a poster phase, I'd probably buy some of these to hang on my wall. Especially the firemen photos. How about you? Which of these photos do you find beautiful?

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Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein

Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Now these are not the most imaginative photos. Two gorgeous people wearing nothing but jeans and showing off their oiled and perfect bodies -- definitely something we have seen before, right? But you cannot deny that Eva looks gorgeous. The shadows add an interesting visual element, too.


Elisabetta Canalis for Cavalli Underwear

Elisabetta Canalis for Cavalli Underwear That will be George Clooney's girlfriend, if you're not familiar. I love the lighting of this photo. Obviously,Elisabetta has the body to rock what she's modeling. Pays to be George's girl, huh? I'm kidding. She was already a model before she met him, FYI. I know that some people think that she is not pretty enough to be with George. But methinks that people have this notion that no girl will ever be perfect for him. No matter the kind of beauty the girl might have, she will never be good enough for dear old George. I say that if she makes him happy, then that's enough.


NY Firemen Calender

NY Firemen Calender What could be better than having a half-naked man to gawk at for every month of the year? A half-naked AND GOOD man to gawk at for every month of the year, that's what. If you agree, you would want to purchase this NYC Firefighter Hunks 2010 calendar. Aside from the hot men, you also get to enjoy NYC spots. Double the fun, all throughout 2010!


Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana

Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana Madonna, in my opinion, always looks great in black and white photos. Sure you can say that behind these photos is a great art team but you have to admit that the queen of pop really does photograph well in studio or location shoots. (Paparazzi photos are another story). What I love about these ads is that they don't try to be avant garde. Because sometimes, relying on the model's natural beauty and the power of a good photograph is enough.


Rebecca Romijn and Her Twins Dolly and Charlie for Got Milk?

Rebecca Romijn and Her Twins Dolly and Charlie for Got Milk? How cute are those babies? They looked likethey had a blast shooting the ad! They are certainly genetically-blessed. Got Milk ads are pretty much straightforward and this one is no exception. The whole point is motherhood and having the twins with Rebecca completed the ad. What I love about it is that it seems to exude pure joy.

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Eva Mendez rullzzzz :D I love the add :)

lol and obviously I'm just talking about Eva Mende's calvin klein campaign. the rest are cute but I am secretly a little envious slash in awe of that campaign!

I came. I saw. I gawked..... but then my eyes bulged, my face turned green with envy, and I hurried on over to my treadmill so that I too may one day sashay in my undies proud and curvy like Eva Mendes. too over the top? lol these ladies are with their awesome bodies. I don't even care if they are photoshopped here and there. 2010 petty goal : abs!!!!!

hahaha anyone hating on elisabetta on other blogs is JEALOUS that is all I shall say :)

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