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8 Fun Holllywood Photos News to Amuse You ...

By Meream

Hollywood is never without a good photographer and beautiful people one can take photos of. From magazine shoots to product shoots, these celebrities will always have photos that they can stare at in 50 years and remember fondly how great they looked. The following are some great celeb photos floating around the Inter-webs the past couple of days.

1 Cast of Glee for Entertainment Weekly

Cast of Glee for Entertainment WeeklyAww, look at Rachel looking at Finn. I admit that I am a Gleek and the news that came with this photo is very exciting. I cannot wait until the episode in which they do Madonna songs. What would you say is your favorite Glee episode?

2 SYTYCD Promo Photos

SYTYCD Promo PhotosAbove features the men. I posted the photo of the men because, well, it's more fun to ogle at them. This photo has more muscles than an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie! Check outthis post for more photos and a bit of information on the contestants.

3 Dita for Hello, Canada

Dita for Hello, CanadaThese photos are just incredibly gorgeous! Of course, it does not hurt that Dita can automatically make a photo amazing simply by being its subject. Thanks to a great makeup artist and some lovely assistants, she does not appear to be sweating, like most normal people would if they were to appear in the same photos.

4 Diane Keaton and Kids for More

Diane Keaton and Kids for MoreNow this photo is worth framing and displaying proudly in one's home. This interview is funny and just refreshing. If you love Diane's humor as much as I do, you will love this post.

5 Kylie Calendar

Kylie CalendarWhat's better than one amazing Kylie Minogue photo? An amazing Kylie Minogue photo for every month of the year, of course! If you are a big Kylie fan, do not forget to buy one (or four) for the coming year.

6 Megan Fox SNL Promo Shot

Megan Fox SNL Promo ShotI did not catch this episode so I would now know if Megan brought on the proper amount of LOLZ. (Did she?) But these promo shots sure look hot.

7 Khloe Kardashian Personal Photo Shoot

Khloe Kardashian Personal Photo ShootKhloe gets a lot of flak for her looks because she is always compared to traditionally-pretty Kim and tiny Kourtney. But I think that Khloe doesn't look bad at all. In fact, she looks quite beautiful in these photos.

8 Adam Lambert for Details

Adam Lambert for DetailsDid you know that Adam likes kissing girls? And that he canlook so hotin a photo shoot in which he practically devours a naked model?

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