5 Glee Tidbits to Get You Excited for the Show's Return...


1. Quinn and Puck *sigh*

All right, Dianna and Mark. But look at them acting cute and sweet for their shoot with Paper magazine.

2. a Look at Glee's Jayma Mays's Best Hair

I definitely love Miss Pillsbury's style and yes, hair. So I choose 2. Number 8 is cute as well because it reminds me of that episode where she and the Schuster did the wedding dress song.

3. Glee's Jane Lynch to Marry Her Girlfriend

What awesome news! I am very happy for this talented and amazing actress. She is one of the best characters of the show.

4. Favorite Glee Musical Moments

I can't decide which of these is my favorite. I definitely love "Somebody to Love." Which one is stuck in your head?

5. the Cast's Real Yearbook Photos

Oh poor Mark Salling. That is one hilarious yearbook photo! Lea Michele and Dianna look like their present-day adorable selves.