5 Things to Make You Curiouser and Curiouser about Alice in Wonderland ...

By Meream

5 Things to Make You Curiouser and Curiouser about Alice in Wonderland ...

Who else is excited to watch Disney's Alice in Wondeland? I'm telling you that I have been excited since it was announced that Tim Burton is making one. That is about 2 years of being excited to watch a film. In fact, this movie may just very well make my 2010 the best year of my life, film-wise. So to make us even more excited, I figured I'd post some things Wonderland - and of course Alice. You might have seen some of these before but it will be nice to have all pretty and fun photos in one post. Enjoy!

1 US Vogue's Alice in Wonderland

US Vogue's Alice in Wonderland This is an editorial from way back in 2003. The photos look like they were shot just this year, right? That's the beauty of Alice in Wonderland, in my opinion. Any interpretation of Alice's adventures will automatically become timeless and fit for enjoyment for years and years to come. Of course, since these particular photos were shot by Annie Leibovitz, it is only obvious that they look amazing now and will continue to look amazing even after the film is released. You must check all photos to learn more about the dresses model Natalia Vodianova wore and the designers who were photographed with her.

2 How about an Alice Costume?

How about an Alice Costume? I dare you to dress up in one when you go and see the movie. When you do, please show us photos! If, like me, you will not be brave enough to do that, let's just be content with admiring these fun items that Tammy found. Of course, we are also free to imagine the many adventures we will encounter while wearing some of these things.

3 Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Collection

Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Collection These, with their early Alice in Wonderland illustrations, are just too cute for words! I am thankful we don't have these where I live. Otherwise, I'd buy them even though I don't need them. If you do have easy access to these, I suggest buying both the Daydream and Fantasy collections. Same contents, different art but it is essential that you get both.

4 OPI Spring Collection 2010

These nail lacquers are inspired by the upcoming film and I'm sure would go great with the Alice in Wonderland inspired-clothes up at #2. Isn't the promo photo just awesome? The best thing is that all shades fit my taste. You have two shades of red, one gorgeous glittery blue, and a black multi-glitter shade called Mad as a Hatter. Fitting, methinks.

5 Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows This eyeshadow collection is perhaps one of the first promotional items I saw for the film. Sixteen shadows, two eyeliners, and a mini primerin a pop-up book style packaging. I really really want it but I'd probably have bigger chances of stumbling upon an early edition Alice in Wonderland book than snatching up this shadows collection. It is on limited release and currently out of stock.

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I want to try the Paul and Joe makeup; it looks adorable.


I bought the Alice... Urban Decay palette and I LOVE IT!!! sooo cuteee!!!


I love all those Alice in Wonderland things!! :) The MAke up colors are my fav :) I wish I own the costume too!


Hi! Absolutely LOVE this article! I just had a quick question: So I'm planning on making an Alice-themed hat of my own and the really big rhinestones/gems on the blue hat (in #2) are so super cute. Do you have any idea where I can get those? Do you think Michaels has them...?


I will watch ANYTHING that Tim Burton makes even if it has Pattinson in it :p :p Love the post as always Meream!


I love you, I love you, I love you, Meream! Alice in Wonderland has been an obsession of mine for ages; and now I imagine I am off to spend large quantities of money on Paul & Joe's Alice in Wonderland Collection!! :)


ADORE this post, Meream! I wrote a bit about Alice on my post today and I cannot get enough of talking about the film and eyeing all of the awesome products coming out because of it. I already have the OPI polishes and Urban Decay palette, and I can't wait to get my hands on those Paul & Joe cosmetics!


Can't wait for the movie - that Urban Decay set looks AMAZING !!


I cannot WAIT for this movie! I love the story, adore the actors and Tim burton is an amazinggggg director! The OPI collection is gorgeous (:


Oh that Urban Decay kit! I WANT IT!!! :P Ever since I saw the 3D trailer of Alice in Wonderland when I went to see Avatar in 3D I have been dying to see it! :D


cannot wait to see the movie!yummy post xx marian


Ive seen a lot of editorials for the movie, and it's made me super excited to see the movie


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