7 Terrible Man-Made Disasters ...


7 Terrible Man-Made Disasters ...
7 Terrible Man-Made Disasters ...

There are many disasters out there that could have been prevented if someone would have done something another way. However, mistakes do happen and below, we are going to show you the effects of those mistakes.

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Derweze - the Door to Hell

Derweze - the Door to Hell Photo Credit: flydime

This was an accidental discovery that was made by geologists who were drilling in the area that is now known as Derweze, Turmenistan during the year 1971. Their drilling rig collapsed into the earth. This created a big cavern that was filled up with natural gas. It has been said that the geologists that survived feared that releasing the gas would harm the villages nearby, so they decided to light it on fire. This created a big ball of never ending fire. It created a huge hole in the ground that is on fire eternally.


The Chernobyl Nuclear Station in 1986

The Chernobyl Nuclear Station in 1986 Photo Credit: blinkofaneye

The Chernobyl Nuclear Station released radioactive material into the air and contaminated millions of square miles when it exploded in 1986. Did you know that the whole area is a radioactive freeze frame of the USSR?


Bhopal, India Pesticide Leak of 1984

Bhopal, India Pesticide Leak of 1984 Photo Credit: SanyamStudios

The Union Carbide Pesticide manufacturing plant leaked out thirty two tons of methyl isocyanate in 1984. This happened in Bhopal, India. Thousands of people died. Thousands more were blinded, deformed, and disabled from it. In one day, over two thousand bodies had been cremated. The soil and water around the factory is still toxic from the leaking plant. There was no attempt to clean it up.


What Hitler Did

Do I have to remind you of the things that Hitler did? Somehow, I think he needs to be on this list. He managed to get into the heads of an entire nation (they were insecure, obviously) and get them to think that they were superior, even though the fact still remained that they had gotten stomped on during WWI. I am not going to go directly into his “work,” because it is all well documented.


Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing Photo Credit: Sheena 2.0™

Do you remember when the Oklahoma City Bombing happened on April 19, 1995? A truck bomb exploded outside of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This is a very devastating act of terrorism in the history of America. The explosion took off the front of the nine story building and left an eight foot by thirty foot crater. One hundred and sixty nine people were killed. Nineteen of them were children. Fifty were injured.


BP Oil Spill

The BP is a British-based global energy company. Since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010, eleven people have died. I know, it’s only eleven people, so it’s not the biggest disaster, right? Well, did you count how many animals have lost their life? PLUS this is still going on. Still, there is oil being pumped into the ocean and it is expected to reach Florida. Efforts of containing the spill is still in the progress. Many volunteers have went out to help clean the pelicans being effected by the oil spill.



9/11 Photo Credit: Brendan Loy

Need I say more? I was going to put BP oil spill as number one, but then I thought about 9/11. This happened when terrorists hijacked a couple of planes and got people in America by surprise when the crashed into the twin towers. Do you remember where you were when this happened?

Those are 7 man-made disasters. As you see, many of these disasters could have been prevented. For example, the BP disaster could have been prevented had they of closed the hole right away. All in all, we learn from our mistakes, right? You know, after people lose their lives! Okay, so do you recall any big man-made disasters?

Top Photo Credit: U.S. Coast Guard

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i was looking though your list of published work, and im sorry your order on this list is kind of REALLY wrong. Hitler and his "cleansing" was way worse than 9/11. just because america wasnt directly effected doesnt mean that the terrible sin against human kind wasnt the worst "man made disaster". yes 9/11 was a terrible thing to happen, but how can you say that 3000 lives lost over one day is worse then the upwards of 17 million innocent lives lost over the span of hitlers rule? though i would like to add that all lives lost to terrorism are terrible.

What about Hirosima/Nagasaki then?

you should wrote about Sidoarjo Mud, East Java, Indonesia. it's really a big disaster cause of man. You may search about this case in google or wiki.

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