10 Words Often Misspelled ...


10 Words Often Misspelled ...
10 Words Often Misspelled ...

I am a full-time freelance writer and when I first started out, there were words I would misspell often. Looking over the Internet, I came across many misspelled words. Below, I am going to give you the top 10 most misspelled words that I have come across.

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Vacuum Photo Credit: poopoorama

For some reason, so many people tend to spell it as Vaccuum. They always want to put that extra C in there. Remember, it’s VACUUM! *wink*



Conscientious Photo Credit: lee.stephens

Okay, I admit that it is almost impossible to remember how to spell this one right! It’s one of those spelling bee stumpers.



I actually had problems spelling this word, until I actually stopped to think and look at it and stop depending on my spell check, now I definitely do not have any problems with it. I have always tried to spell it without the e – so it would look like definately.



Yeah, I know, what a word, eh? Many spell it like this “flem.” Hey, isn’t that how you sound it out?



This is such a easy word to say, so why is it so darn hard to spell? Rhy-thm. There are so many different variations that one would misspell it.



Misspell Photo Credit: Librarianguish

Did you know that misspell is actually misspelled a lot? Lol –I know, as funny or ironic as it sounds, it is.



Personally, I never had a problem with spelling this one. However, I have noticed that many individuals do. They spell it like this – seperate. I know, it’s easy to do, isn’t it?



Acceptable Photo Credit: Chris Halderman

Often times, people spell it like this “Acceptible.” Yes, instead of the “a,” they put an “I,” which is understandable, but it’s still the wrong way to spell it.



So, tell me, how do you spell it? Remember – “I before E, except after C.” As you see, this rule is not always true! Except at V? No….well then, why isn’t it spelled “Beleive?



Embarrass Photo Credit: °°k°°

When you spell this wrong on a term paper, you will surely be embarassed! Or is it Embarrased? No, silly, it’s embarrassed!

Do you know something funny? As I was writing this article in Microsoft Office and trying to misspell the words on purpose, it kept correcting them, so I had to manually incorrect them. LOL. Now, that’s funny. Well, which words do you have problems with?

Top Photo Credit: thinkroni

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In the beginning, 'there was' should be 'there were'. Oh, the irony.

good class. i'll surely improve.

Actually, "Believe" does follow the "I before E except after C" rule.

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