8 Facts You Never Knew ...


8 Facts You Never Knew ...
8 Facts You Never Knew ...

From my past postings on these facts, I have been reading comments. I learned that many of you like these facts, so today, I am going to give you 8 facts you never knew …

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Read Those Labels a Bit More

Read Those Labels a Bit More Photo Credit: graygoosie

If you are a lefty, then this one is for you. It has been reported that around 2,500 lefties die each year because they use products that were meant to be used by righties. So, lefties, you need to remember this one!


Look at That Ballpoint Pen

Look at That Ballpoint Pen Photo Credit: feeliz

Are you chewing on a ballpoint pen right now as you are reading this blog posting? If so, you need to put it down. Put it far, far out of your reach. Why? Because it has been said that one hundred people each year are caused by choking on a ballpoint pen. Wow.


Please Wash Your Hands

Please Wash Your Hands Photo Credit: sandrino

When you wipe your butt, please stop in and wash your hands. The germs that are in feces can pass through ten layers of toilet paper. I have a feeling you all are going to start going through 5 rolls or more of toilet paper in a given day.


All Humans Have a Blind Spot

All Humans Have a Blind Spot Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

Did you know that it is natural for a human eye to have a blind spot? That’s right. You just don’t notice it. The brain fills it in with detail that is surrounding you and with information that comes from the other eye.


Adolf Hitler Was Depressing

Adolf Hitler Was Depressing Photo Credit: URBAN PHOTOS

During Adolf Hitler’s lifetime, he had been in four relationships. Of those four relationships, all of them attempted to commit suicide at least one time. Two of the women actually succeeded. I could only wonder why they would want to commit suicide after being with him …


A Panda Fact

A Panda Fact Photo Credit: kjdrill

On average, a panda eats between twenty to forty pounds of food each day. Did you know that a panda can spend up to sixteen hours in a given day eating? They mainly like to eat bamboo, but are known for eating other plants, small rodents and fish.


Glass Never Gets Tired

Glass Never Gets Tired Photo Credit: Amy Keith Barney

It seems that glass never gets tired. It never wears out. In the United States, thirty four percent of glass has been recycled.


The Biggest Octopus

The Biggest Octopus Photo Credit: thejeffreywscott

The biggest octopus that was ever caught weighed in at around six hundred pounds. The tentacles spanned up to thirty three feet in length.

Those are 8 facts you never knew. Of course, some of you may know some of these facts on here. Do you want me to keep posting these facts?

Top Photo Credit: Atomic Citrocity

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No wonder about the fact regarding Hitler!

um i'm am a leftie and i feel slightly offended because of the leftie fact ,maybe because I dont understand it :D

geeze abbey, give her a freaking break. if you dont like her posts than dont read them! its that easy

as i already told you, don't take my comments so personales melanie... i just think that you have to improve your research a little bit... and yeah hitler was awful and depressing, i agree with that but the thing is that the fact you wrote wasn't right and that's the disappointing part

Melanie... You go, girl!!

Keep on posting melanie! I would love to hear from you and know more about facts I haven't known.

ok... yeah... blame the research source and not the person doing the research.... HAHAHAHAHAHA you are so funny! srsly, you are

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