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7 Things You May Not Know about Condoms ...

By Melanie

Even though condoms have been around for many years, there are still a lot of things that do not know about them. Here are 7 things you may not know about condoms …

7 They Should Not Be Flushed down the Toilet

They Should Not Be Flushed down the ToiletPhoto Credit: turning*turning

After having sex or having finished with a condom, do not try to flush it down the toilet because it will not work. The condom will only get stuck and may even cause you plumbing problems. If you want to dispose of a condom, place it inside some toilet paper and just put it in the bin.

6 Some Contain Spermicide

Some Contain SpermicidePhoto Credit: Stargazer95050

You will find that some condoms contain spermicide, this is a chemical that will kill sperm or stop it from working in order to prevent pregnancy. In my opinion there is a good and a bad thing about this, the good is that pregnancy is prevented but the bad is what effect will the chemical have on your body and health.

5 An Approved Mark on the Packet

An Approved Mark on the PacketPhoto Credit: Paul Keller

When purchasing condoms you should check to see whether they are safe to use. In the USA, the condom packet will have an FDA approval somewhere and in Britain there will be a Standard Kite Mark of EEC Standard Mark. In different countries they are often ISO approved and there should be a marking on the packet. However, other countries may use different markings so it may be worthwhile checking out what these are.

4 Variety of Sizes

Variety of SizesPhoto Credit: ppbaby888

This is a fact more commonly known by people that there are various sizes available to suit different penis sizes. Also those that are made from natural rubber are able if necessary to fit and adjust to a man’s penis. There is no standard size of condom but a wide range of sizes.

3 Different Flavours to Make Oral Sex More Pleasurable

Different Flavours to Make Oral Sex More PleasurablePhoto Credit:

There are numerous different flavours available, such as strawberry, chocolate, orange and the list continues. These different flavours can make oral sex with a condom a lot more pleasurable, leading to both partners liking the experience a lot more.

2 Some People Are Allergic to Them

Some People Are Allergic to ThemPhoto Credit: Ale Kiedis

The majority of condoms are made from Latex and a small amount of people are allergic. For those that are allergic there is an alternative made from polyurethane, which are believed to be just as good as the Latex versions.

1 They Are Not One Hundred Percent Protection

They Are Not One Hundred Percent ProtectionPhoto Credit: ppbaby888

Condoms are one of the most effective contraceptives on the market and although they are not one hundred per cent they are close at over ninety nine per cent. The good thing about condoms is that not only do they help to protect you against unwanted pregnancy but also against any sexually transmitted diseases.

There you have 7 things you may not have known about condoms. The chances are that some of the things on the list you knew but others you did not. It would be worthwhile to bear this list in mind in order to have safe sex. Do you have anything you would like to add?

Top Photo Credit: Max Hodges

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