7 Period Problems You Shouldn't Ignore ...

Many women know immediately what the problem is when they experience bloating, cramps, back plus leg ache and a wide range of other symptoms. Here a 7 period problems that you shouldn’t ignore.

7. Heavy Periods

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Many women experience heavy periods at the beginning and then after a 2-3 days it eases off a bit. In my opinion if you need to change your sanitary towel every hour because of the heavy flow, then you may want to make an appointment with a gynaecologist just to make sure that everything is ok.

6. Fullness or Tenderness around the Abdomen

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Normally around the beginning of a period the area around your abdomen feels extremely sensitive and tender. In most cases you tend to find that after the first day or couple of days this sensation disappears. If it does not, or you feel that it is becoming worse, a thorough examination could be for the best.

5. Light-headedness

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Often during your period you are likely to feel a tiny bit light headed; this is only natural due to the blood loss. If, however, you feel extremely faint or do pass out during your period then you should again make an appointment with a doctor or a specialist. In my opinion it is best to make sure that everything is ok, it may turn out to be that you are slightly anaemic.

4. Severe Cramping & Pain

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The majority of women probably at some point experience cramping and a bit of pain during there period but often this eases as the days pass by. However, if the cramping and pain gets to the point where you can barely stand without doubling over then this is not right. There may be a way that your doctor is able to ease the pain for you.

3. Continuous Bleeding for Longer than One Week

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If you notice that your period is continuous and lasts for longer than a week, then it is important that you visit a specialist as soon as possible. This is especially the case if the bleeding does not start to show signs of slowing down, so if it is constant and heavy throughout then this could be a gynaecological problem.

2. Extreme Clotting

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Some clotting is often normal, especially if small, however if you are passing big clots then it might be worthwhile visiting your doctor or a gynaecologist. In some cases the clotting may be perfectly normal but it is always best to be on the safe side.

1. If You Skip a Month

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It is tempting to think thank god when you miss a month of your period and you know that you are not pregnant. However, missing a period could be a sign that something is wrong, especially if your periods are normally very regular so it would be worth visiting your doctor.

There you have 7 period problems you shouldn’t ignore. All women have different types of periods, some experience many of the things mentioned above and are perfectly healthy. However it is often recommended that you do visit a doctor if you notice anything unusual or discomforting with your period.

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