8 Things You Should Know about Karate ...


8 Things You Should Know about Karate ...
8 Things You Should Know about Karate ...

I strongly believe in the power of the martial arts, particularly karate. Sometimes we tend to forget that karate is not about violence. It comprises of various elements that make it a desirable art form and can be used as a great mechanism to instil discipline, particularly in children. Here are 8 things you should know about karate.

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The Power of Concentration

The key to being good at karate lies in the art of concentration. Concentration is one of the most essential elements of karate. Concentrating helps you use your energy appropriately and execute moves effectively. Concentration therefore, is one of those things you should know about karate.


Using the Right Angles

It helps to block punches and deflect force imposed on you if you get the angle of your position right. Obtaining the right angle and position comes only with practise and experience. It is important to practise under an experienced sensei to be guided well into the right position and angle.


Having the Right Attitude

One thing I like to remind myself time and again is that karate is not only about self-defence. Neither is it all about rage and beating people up. It all lies in the right attitude. Karate helps build self esteem, makes for a great work out, helps you stay fit and healthy and be a strong martial artist. This is one of the most important things you should know about karate.


Courtesy and Politeness

As a beginner, you need to know that politeness and respect are a huge part of karate. Bowing to another is a sign of mutual respect. If you are a parent and are concerned about instilling the right values in your child, karate is the way to go. Karate teaches your child to be courteous and develop a sense of respect for people around them.


Many Different Styles

Karate has many sub styles. The important sub styles are Wado-Ryu and Uechi-Ryu. Wado-Ryu is a combination of JiuJitsu movements and Okinawa karate. Uechi Ryu combines Okinawa karate with Chinese martial arts tactics.

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Having Proper Training

Training is an integral part of karate. You can’t just decide to throw a punch or a kick without being fit enough to take a few. Your body needs to develop the stamina to withstand strain and injury. To train well, you will need to eat right, exercise right, use jump ropes, breakable boards, punching bags, push-up bars etc.


First Aid Kit

One of the most important things you should know about karate is to always carry a first aid kit. You will never know when those swabs and band aids will come in handy, be it in a friendly match or a real fight.


Protective Guard Equipment

When you begin karate, it is important to use protective gear, which comprises of a head guard, groin protector and my arm, chest and leg guards.

One of the most important things you should know about karate is that, if not exercised with caution, it can do grave damage and hence must be executed wisely. Remember to choose the right karate institute and get those moves right.

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Thanks for posting this. I'm always attracted to learn about karate though I can't practice it =)

i interest to practice karate,, i love this article.. thanks

A great work out

I love this article!! I've been obsessed with karate for awhile because I barely saw the original karate kid and it's like my new favorite movie!

Ive always been interested in karate but was never able to take classes. I want to put my daughter in class when she gets old enough . shes only seven months right now . lol i love the article(:

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