7 Things to Tell Your Doctor ...


7 Things to Tell Your Doctor ...
7 Things to Tell Your Doctor ...

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful. After all, we only have one body, so it's very important to take care of it and make sure it's always functioning the way it's supposed to! Most people think it's okay to stretch the truth or leave out certain symptoms when they talk to their doctor for the sake of embarrassment. However, that's not the case! Things to tell your doctor could save you from discomfort, pain, maybe even your life! Most doctors make their diagnosis within the first sixty-seconds they see you, so it's important to make those seconds count! Here's my list of 7 things to tell your doctor right up front.

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Which Symptoms Bother You the Most

If you go to the doctor with severe headaches, it's most likely that you won't forget to mention that fact to your doc! Point out your main symptoms to help him diagnose you-but don't forget the little ones! Sometimes patients forget to mention the "little" signs, such as bloating, cramps or itchiness and doctors can miss key details that inform a diagnosis. Don't let this happen to you. One doctors visit is more than enough!


When Your Symptoms First Started

If you are like me, you probably put off going to the doctor if you think it's something that you can remedy yourself, such as a cold or a sore throat. Sometimes that's okay! With all the over-the-counter meds available to our disposal these days, we don't always need a doctor. But there are times when it's necessary. So be honest with the doc, if you put off coming in for two weeks thinking it would get better, don't tell him your symptoms started yesterday! The tests he gives you may depend on whether this is a new condition or a flare up of a past problem you may have had.


How Long Your Symptoms Last

It can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about certain problems you may be experiencing, like gas, diarrhea or vomiting. However, don't let this deter you from speaking up! He or she is a doctor and surely have come across these symptoms before. Doctors will be discreet so as to ease your embarrassment. Do your symptoms come and go or are they constant? Tell your doctor because a short, sharp chest pain for example, is more likely to be a muscle or digestive problem; heavy pressure suggests heart trouble.


What Seems to Make Your Symptoms Better or Worse

Do your symptoms seem to worsen with rest, activity, meals, heat, cold or pain killers? Or does any one of these items make them better? Be sure and tell your doctor so he can diagnose you correctly. Triggers that relieve or irritate your symptoms can help your doc figure out which organ systems are involved, thus bringing you one step closer to solving your problems!


Do These Symptoms Run in Your Family

Genetic disorders are nothing to smirk at. In fact, if your mother or father suffer from diabetes, arthritis or any other health dysfunctions, you have a 50/50 chance of dealing with it yourself. Tell your doctor right up front if you know of anything that runs in your family. He can check to see if you portray symptoms yourself and see what can be done to lower your risks.


Have You Dealt with This Issue in the past

Does it seem like you are continuously dealing with cramps and bloating? Do you feel like nothing you do seems to fix it? Well, this is one important thing to tell your doctor. Any issue that seems to be rearing its head over and over again could be a signal that something in your body is not functioning the way it should be. Tell your doctor so he can look into the possibilities.


Your Fears of What It Could Be

If your brother's friend died of stomach cancer and you have unexplained pains in your stomach, you may be wondering subconsciously if you have stomach cancer as well. It could simply be digestive issues but there's no harm in bringing your concerns and fears to the doctor. I guarantee you will leave feeling much better if you at least voice your worries and have them soothed away!

Don't make the mistake of googling your symptoms and giving the doctor YOUR diagnosis. Google is a wonderful source of information these days, but it is after all, only a computer. And anybody could be telling it what to tell you! So let your doctor make the call. He is after all a trained professional and ready to answer your questions with some real answers And with these 7 things to tell your doctor, you will be on your way in no time!! Are you more confident to share important things with your doctor at your next visit?

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