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7 Common Style Related Injuries ...

By Rebecca

‘Beauty is pain’ a wise person once said and sometimes, it seems, this really is true. I’ve done a little research on the topic, and it turns out we do suffer in the name of looking good. Here’s a list of 7 common style-related injuries; any of them look familiar to you?

1 Hair Straightener Burns

If you’ve got straighteners I’m pretty sure this has happened to you in the past. Even with the state of the art, salon grade appliance, it’s still possible to lose focus and bring the plates in contact with your skin. Obviously, if the burn is serious you should seek medical help, but usually, in my experience, it’s pretty minor. Ice it, and apply a soothing gel.

2 Ankle Sprains

Sometimes the term ‘killer heels’ is unpleasantly apt. All it takes is one missed step in a pair of stilettos and you could be hobbling around on crutches for weeks to come. It’s not only ankles that are in danger of injury – a bad tumble caused by precarious shoes might leave you with a whole range of bruises and scrapes.


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3 Waxing Crises

After-wax rash can be a real problem, especially if you’ve had the hair taken off a very sensitive area like your underarms or your bikini line. Most of the time, the redness and irritation will subside. If it doesn’t, chances are you have an infection so it’s probably a good idea to get the skin checked out by a pro.

4 Painful Pedicures

By now, the horror stories about the skin infections that can result from badly maintained salon equipment are pretty well known. Basically, the spa you put your feet in needs to be clean – if it looks dodgy to you, tell the beautician and head for the door. Experts also suggest that we only use plain footbaths since these are easier to disinfect between uses that the fancier, bubblier alternative.

5 Handbag Issues

We’ve been carrying oversized bags for a few years now and apparently they’re taking their toll on our muscles. More and more women are turning up at their physios complaining of backs, necks and shoulders, and the root of this, so professionals suggest, is the giant purses they lug around with them all day.

6 Highlights That Hurt

If you have sensitive skin and you highlight your hair, you’ve more than likely experienced that sharp stinging sensation on your scalp. Most of the time, this is not particularly serious, but if left on for too long, or if applied to an extremely delicate scalp, the peroxide in hair-lightening agents can do quite a lot of damage. Chemical burns are no fun; if you’re worried, ask your stylist to do a sensitivity test on the inside of your arm before going ahead and applying colour all over your head.

7 Tanning Trauma

Apparently, sunburn isn’t the only risk attached to using a sunbed. Unless the appliance is well-maintained, there’s also a danger that UV bulbs could burst and sprinkle glass all over the unsuspecting tanner!

So that’s my list of 7 common style-related injuries; do you have any to add?

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