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5 Challenges to Consider ...

By Meream

1 No Chocolates

Can you survive a month without chocolates? I can but I know it would be difficult. I am in no way addicted to them but I'm pretty sure it would be hard for me.

2 Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

I know I will fail this. If a zombie apocalypse happens, I will die in the first hour. Good thing I have these 5 tips to memorize.

3 Spice up Your Looks

Even for just a simple photo shoot like Kate Winslet did here, it can do wonders for you. Ever thought about going platinum blonde or chopping off your beloved locks?

4 save up for Your Garden

There are a lot of pretty things on which you can spend your money. We are guilty of posting too many tempting things here on All Women Stalk. The challenge: saving your money for your garden.

5 Keep a Breakup Dignified

Breakups are hard, yes, but that is no reason to have a breakdown. This is a time for the modern woman to act like a lady. Read up to know how.

Tell us, ladies (and gents), have you considered doing a challenge lately?

Top Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

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