8 Things That Could Be Holding You Back ...


8 Things That Could Be Holding You Back ...
8 Things That Could Be Holding You Back ...

Do you ever get that feeling you’re just not reaching your full potential? You could be achieving so much but something keeps getting in the way? Throughout our lives we pick up habits – some good, some bad – and the worst of these can interfere with whether or not we attain our goals. I’ve done a little research and put together a list of 8 common reasons we’re just not getting where we want to go; have a look, ladies, perhaps one of these issues will look familiar to you …

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Bad Time Management

Dividing your time up equally and intelligently between your commitments is real skill, ladies, and one that not all of us have learned to a sufficient extent. If you often find yourself trying to do two things at once or rushing through a tricky job, chances are, you need a lesson in how to plan your day. Get a book, search the net; success could be a few organisational techniques away.


Poor Body Image

So many of us allow our warped perceptions and inflated anxieties surround our bodies and their size prevent us from trying the things we really want to do. A lot of women refuse to go to the gym, for example, because they feel too fat when they get there. It’s time to grow up, suck it up and get that butt into gear. If you’re overly conscious of your body, to the extent that it inhibits what you will and won’t do in a day, you should definitely talk to a professional – be it a therapist or a fitness pro. If you don’t, opportunities in life will continue to pass you by, and, girls, that’s no way to live.



Do you often find yourself putting off the things you need to do until literally the last five minutes? Does that term paper remain unwritten until right before the hour that it’s due? Procrastination is a dangerous habit ladies, and one which will cripple the quality of your work. It’s not possible, for example, to write a great essay in half an hour. Don’t put off the things you’re don’t really want to do; make a cup of coffee, sit down and get to on with it. Ignoring your responsibilities won’t make them go away.



Do you find yourself umm-ing and ah-ing for ages before making a choice? Do you tend to ignore tough decisions until it’s the last chance to make them? Girls, it’s time to kick that habit! Start forcing yourself to make choices today. Begin with the little things: chicken or beef? With some practice you’ll be pulling of important life decisions in no time at all.


A Too Passive Attitude

If you often find yourself just going with the flow and letting others make the important decisions for you, it’s time for a wake up. Passive behaviour will certainly hold you back. For one thing, it allows other, more assertive people to take credit for the work on team projects in your job or at school so that you and your input kind of fall through the cracks. Being proactive is about making suggestions, standing behind your choices and, ultimately, risking having your ideas shot down. In the long run though, achieving your goals means going out and getting them yourself, and a passive attitude won’t help you to do this.


An Inadequate Support Structure

We all need people to encourage us and back us up in our endeavours, ladies, and if your friends and partner aren’t willing to do this, it will adversely impact on your attempt to achieve goals. If you feel that you’re not getting enough support from those close to you, sit down with them and calmly explain your situation.


A Lack of Balance

It is possible to work too hard ladies, in the same way that’s it’s possible to party your life away. Balance is important and a lack of it will get in the way of health and happiness. Evaluate how much time you devote to the various areas of your life and try to weigh up the hours of hard grafting against those you spend relaxing and enjoying yourself. If they don’t tally, fix it so they do: simple as that!


An Unhealthy Lifestyle

In order to achieve your goals, girls, you need to be in the best possible shape you can. To keep mind and body working smoothly, you should be eating well and exercising regularly. Without these key ingredients, you’ll find yourself tired and lethargic with no energy to go out and get what you’re working towards.

What do you think ladies? Is there something holding you back that’s not on my list? Let me know; I’d love to compare notes!

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I agree to everything mentioned.. I think it's time for me to change too :P

I agree with the 8 things holding you back and I think I do all of them.Over the years I have made so many misteaks and have tried hard to correct them but I hit so many road blocks along the way.the first being finding out I have AIDS and wanting to give up. But because I have a son, I could not give up but the sturggell has been so hard at times.And no family support makes it even worse.Then getting skin cancer in my nose and having it removed makes it even worse.I pray everyday to have the strengh to go on.And every day I keep on waking up and going on I just wished it would get easier.Post like these help me make it through another day.

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