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Well you can't really expect everyone to like something. If you happen to be a fan of the series and you see nothing wrong with it, you might be wondering why there are people who hate it. Here are some reasons.

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So are there some questions that have been nagging at you lately? Care to share them with us? If you have found your answers, we'd be glad to know them, too!

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Personally, I really do not hate Twilight. I just resent the fact that a mediocre book became so popular with girls that had most likely never actually read a book before. That being said, I have nothing against vampires, love stories or vampire love stories. There are many books of that genre that are way better than Twilight. And I wouldn't go for the Gucci boots. I'd much rather splurge on a classic piece like an LBD or a pair of pumps, and buy the cheaper alternative of the latest trend. But that's just me. :)

I lolled at the 'They're jealous' reason on 5 Reasons People Hate Twilight. If your girlfriend is obsessed with a fictional character, you have bigger problems on your hands, methinks.

HA! I was thinking more like 'Why do some people LIKE twilight'

Till this time the question "Why are some people crazy bout twilight?" is the biggest issue for me. Coz I personally don't like the story. But I never said "this is not a kind of good movie". I just realize every one has their own favorite story.

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