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8 Weird Body Issues Explained ...

By Kati

Bodies are weird things...They seem to have a mind of their own most of the time, and it can be hard to tell if what it is doing is normal, or if you should be seeking medical attention. And if it is normal, then why does it happen?! Well, not being medically trained, my knowledge of this has been limited, but I’ve been doing some research and here are eight weird body issues, explained!

1 Contagious Yawning

Contagious YawningPhoto Credit: [ CK ]

Ever wondered why seeing someone yawn always causes you to yawn yourself? Scientists have been researching this, and found that yawning activates the part of the brain which is involved in feeling empathy, and also the part that causes us to think about ourselves, which might combine to make us yawn. So it’s not just a weird occurrence!

2 Amazing Orgasms

Amazing OrgasmsPhoto Credit: m1nna.

Have you ever thought about why some orgasms seem to be so much better then others? Or how some of your friends seem to find sex amazing, but others just can’t hit the right note? Well, apparently it is all to do with your state of mind. Being sexually confident and having good self esteem is likely to make you have better orgasms, and the best ones happen when you are relaxed, sober and hormonally balanced. Good to know!

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3 Stomach Growling

Stomach GrowlingPhoto Credit: simon.anderson

My stomach seems to growl all the time, even if I’m not hungry! It doesn’t have anything to do with hunger, though, apparently, it’s all to do with peristalsis, which is the process of moving food from your mouth through your stomach and intestines. There is usually a mix of liquid and gases by this stage, which can emit noises which sound like growling. So, don’t automatically reach for the snacks, it could just be the process of digestion!

4 Eye Twitches

Eye TwitchesPhoto Credit: Cuba Gallery

These are usually referred to as nervous twitches, but are rarely due to nerves. More common reasons are tiredness, fatigue and stress, although they can be caused by an eye muscle condition called blepharospasm. If your twitching continues, go to see your doctor, who can recommend treatments.

5 Alcohol Haze

Alcohol HazePhoto Credit: wagner campelo

Have you ever noticed that when you go out for a drink, you can drink the same amount, but one night feel fine and the next feel very drunk? Well, our bodies alcohol absorption rate is based on a number of factors, such as whether you have eaten and your hormones. So rather than have a tried-and-tested limit, it’s much better to go on how you feel on the night, and switch to juice or water when you feel hazy.

6 Head is Spinning

Head is SpinningPhoto Credit: Brandon Godfrey

You know when you stand up really fast, and your head feels like it’s spinning? Well I’ve always wondered what that is about. Turns out its due to a blood pressure drop. The force of gravity causes blood to rush to the feet and legs, and while your body will sort itself out, there can be a lag. Want to avoid it? Make sure you stay hydrated, which will help.

7 Random Bruising

Random BruisingPhoto Credit: Awesome Joolie

Finding random bruises is a common complaint, and one that most people will suffer from at some point. You’d be surprised how easy you can bruise, and if you are low on vitamins and minerals, you might bruise without even noticing that you’ve banged into something. Check your diet and see if you are getting enough vitamin C and other nutrients, and you’ll find you bruise much less.

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8 Stabbing Pains

Stabbing PainsPhoto Credit: thundho - nadu - andhu

I’ve had this recently...that random stabbing pain in the chest? Well, if it lasts for under ten minutes and you feel fine otherwise, it’s usually due to the muscles in the chest wall spasming. They spend the majority of the day contracted, meaning they occasionally ‘spasm’ to their resting position. Most of the time, this is nothing to worry about, but if you have breathing difficulties, start to sweat, feel nauseous or faint or have palpitations, get urgent medical attention.

I have found these really fascinating! I love learning about the strange things bodies do, and knowing that I don’t have to worry about these will stop me going grey for a few more years! Have you experienced an odd body worry you’d like me to explore? I’d love to hear from you!

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