8 Negative Effects of over-Exercise ...


8 Negative Effects of over-Exercise ...
8 Negative Effects of over-Exercise ...

Initially, exercise is an unpleasant and painful chore. You won’t have any desire to perform any kind of workout any time soon. But once you do it enough times, you understand why people actually like exercise. However, you start craving the high and empowerment that working out gives you. Three times a week is no longer enough; you find the need to work out harder and with increasing frequency. You become obsessed with exercise and you feel like you cannot live without it. You think you are doing yourself good by working out the way you do. But you should realize that the sad thing about over-exercise is that it brings you more harm than good. Here are 8 of the negative effects of over-exercise...

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Deterioration of Personal Relationships

Deterioration of Personal Relationships Photo Credit: grrlTravels

Exercise addiction leads you to isolate yourself from your family and friends. You miss out on social activities just to exercise. You don’t work out with anyone because your rigid schedule does not allow room for deviation. Your personal relationships suffer because of your exercise compulsion.


Failure at Work or School

Failure at Work or School Photo Credit: ♥ Lisa

Work or school takes a back seat in your life plan. Exercise becomes your number one preoccupation and priority. You wish you were working out while at work or at school. You find it hard to concentrate on the tasks at hand if you fail to get your daily dose of exercise.



Injury Photo Credit: workmana10

An exhausted body is more prone to injuries. Over-exercise can lead to strained tendons and ligaments, sprains, and fractures. You can also experience frequent muscle soreness and pain.


Heart Failure

Heart Failure Photo Credit: Eventhestreets

Moderate exercise is prescribed for a strong and healthy heart. However, exhaustion from too much exercise can actually weaken your heart. You increase the damage to your heart if you also do not have proper nutrition.


Weakened Immune System

Weakened Immune System Photo Credit: myreflection

The body strengthens and rejuvenates itself during sleep. However, your compulsion to exercise does not allow you to get proper rest. Exhaustion leads to a weakened immune system. You become more prone to coughs, head colds, headaches, fevers, and even other more serious sicknesses.



Amenorrhea Photo Credit: p_locascio

People who over-exercise end up losing too much body fat. When this happens to women, it can lead to a loss of menstruation. When this happens over a prolonged time, she can become infertile.



Insomnia Photo Credit: Maria takes pictures.

A healthy amount of exercise can help promote better sleep. However, you can experience trouble sleeping or insomnia if you work out too much. Exercise puts your body in a state of stress. In this state, your body releases cortisol. This chemical keeps you alert, thus making it hard for you to relax and sleep.



Depression Photo Credit: AXEHD

If you are a workout addict, then exercise becomes a drug. You become dependent on it to function properly. Without exercise, your mood drops to an unbelievable low. You may experience depression and low self-esteem.

You should be wary of exercise becoming detrimental to your health. It defeats the purpose of the whole thing: You perform exercise to be healthy not to be sickly and weak. If you believe that you have an exercise addiction, then you should take steps to correct the problem. Don’t wait until you feel your body breaking down from your own doing. How much do you exercise? Do you think you may be at risk?

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