8 Signs of Sleep Deprivation ...


8 Signs of Sleep Deprivation ...
8 Signs of Sleep Deprivation ...

Sleep deprivation can be not only harmful to your body, but it can also create dangerous situations for you and others around you. The 8 signs of sleep deprivation listed below are some of the more common ones I’ve seen and experienced. The signs will vary for each person, which means you might not have noticed some of these signs before.

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Word Recall is Much Slower

Word Recall is Much Slower Photo Credit: Severine.

Not being able to think of a word or remember what you just read is a sure sign of sleep deprivation. This can make it difficult to successfully write down coherent notes, lists, and to think of what to say when speaking to someone. I remember staying up late to write papers in college. After I had finally gone to bed and gotten some much needed rest, my paper didn’t sound nearly as good as I thought it had the night before.


Memory Lapses Happen

Memory Lapses Happen Photo Credit: minjoong

This can be hazardous if you are driving when sleep deprivation hits hard. It is much more severe than highway hypnosis, since it tends to last longer. Not remember the reason you came into the room is another common form of memory lapse that can occur with sleep deprivation. I have occasional episodes of this from time to time, but nothing as severe as when I’m deprived of much needed rest.



Hallucinations Photo Credit: www.bazpics.com

I’ve never been so tired that I started hallucinating. Thank goodness! I’m not even sure what these hallucinations would entail if I were to have them. Hallucinations associated with sleep deprivation are generally visual. Supposedly auditory hallucinations aren’t connected with a lack of sleep. It’s also important to note that hallucinations that go along with sleep deprivation are considered to be more of a visual misperception. The most common one is thinking that you are seeing things move slightly.



Dizziness Photo Credit: LukeDaDuke

Sleep deprivation can throw off your balance to the point where you feel not only dizzy, but also nauseous. Dizziness is most often noticed when you try to stand up or if you move too quickly. I tend to not only feel dizzy, but there is a sort of pulsing through my entire being. It’s like there’s a giant heartbeat in each of my limbs, fingers, and head. This pulsation effect is usually the last straw for me. I go to bed once I feel this way, no matter what I’m doing.


Irritability is More Common

Irritability is More Common Photo Credit: new1mproved

I’m sure many people have had moments where they snap at the nearest person for the littlest thing and then realize their mistake as soon as they fly off the handle. I find myself apologizing profusely after this occurs and it’s only then that I realize just how tired I am. I’m normally a calm person who doesn’t get riled up by much. I usually get a wide-eyed look when I have an irritable outburst, due to it being much unexpected.


Suddenly Nodding off during Tasks

Suddenly Nodding off during Tasks Photo Credit: <3~Kristin~<3

I’ve actually nodded off while talking to people when I’m lacking sleep. I’ll be in mid-sentence and find myself jerking awake, both to my surprise and to the shock of the person I was talking to. Talk about embarrassing! This is another one of those signs that ends up costing people their lives or placing them in the hospital. Driving and nodding off are two things that should never happen at the same time.


Poor Decision Making

Poor Decision Making Photo Credit: blacksapphire

Not only is it difficult to think clearly when you are deprived of sleep, but making a decision on how to physically move is also hard to do. Reflexes slow down and accidents end up happening. I’ve tripped over nothing before, just because I was too tired to coordinate my feet and legs so that I could walk properly.


The Uncontrollable Giggles

The Uncontrollable Giggles Photo Credit: Alex Pardini

This seems to be the most common sign of sleep deprivation in my family. Well, it tends to be the one that shows up first. My sisters and I are usually the worst of everyone, especially if we are all together. The smallest thing makes me laugh. I’ll find myself sitting alone and giggling over nothing at all.

Lack of a proper amount of sleep on a regular basis has been proven to be connected with obesity. Not getting enough sleep can cause weight gain, which affects metabolism. Eating more to satisfy the hunger connected with the metabolism change adds on extra weight and can then lead to sleep apnea. This disorder can turn into a life threatening situation if left untreated. Have you ever experienced any of these 8 signs of sleep deprivation?

Top Photo Credit: Dusty Smith - Twitter.com/DustyAllDayLong

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Nyx, I'm sorry to hear you have such a grueling work schedule! I hope you get the chance to take a break and rest up a bit soon.

Sadly I have experienced all of these. I work two waitressing jobs & both are very demanding of my time. There will be 2-3 days in a row where I'll work triple shifts (usually with doubles I at least can get a nap in), so I'll work from 9:30am until 3:30am the next day just to get up & do it all over again. At Thanksgiving I worked from 5:30pm Thursday night & finally got off of work at 5:00am Saturday morning 'cos between the two jobs I was scheduled back to back shifts!!

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