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7 Ways You Know Spring is on the Way ...

By Lyndsie

So I don't know if y'all noticed this or not, but I'm dying for spring, and lately I've been looking extra close for signs that spring is on the way. So far, I've had little luck, but I'm still hopeful. I have to be, or I'm seriously going to go stir crazy with cabin fever or something. Maybe all of you can help me out, by keeping an eye out for some of these telling ways you know spring is on the way.

1 Blooming Flowers

Once the flowers start to bloom, even if it's just dandelions, you know things are getting close. At this point, I would even settle for a little patch of green grass. I'll even take scrub flowers and weeds on the side of the road! But what I really can't wait for is the blooming bright sight of Easter lilies.

2 Melting Snow

I mean, when the snow really starts to melt, that's when you know spring is coming. Right now, the snow is melting because it's raining, but there are still place where it's stacked up as high as three feet. Our dachshund still gets lost in it, it's nearly taller than me, and it just doesn't count!

3 Vibrant Colors

You also know spring is on the way when you finally start seeing brighter colors. Of course you start seeing flowers, green grass, and verdant leaves on the trees. However, the sky also takes on its own signature, brilliant shade of sapphire blue, and people themselves start giving into vibrancy and wearing really lovely colors, as if they're busting out of hibernation.

4 Days Filled with Sunshine

The winter sun is a different sun entirely. It's typically weak, but even when it's bright, it's still cold. The spring sunshine is something all its own, so bright and yellow that it's a little like a perfect cartoon sun. I can't wait to see that lightening up the sky!

5 No More Sweaters

Even on the warmer winter days now, you still have to bundle up in thick sweaters. Once spring hits for real, you start getting those days wear sweaters are no longer necessary. You may still need to go out in long sleeves, but they can be more lightweight. And then there are those heavenly days when it's actually comparably warm enough for short sleeves!

6 Shorter Skirts

A sure sign of spring on the horizon is the sight of hemlines creeping up a little higher. Skirts no longer fall to the knee or below. Instead, girls are ready to bare their legs to the warmer weather, and they don't have to rely on tights to keep the chill away.

7 Bare Toes

The sight of bare toes is also indicative of warmer weather. Girls might not give into flip flops just yet, but you're sure to see some pretty peep toes and painted toenails. And, again, they won't be paired up with hose or tights – because who really needs those things in spring?

I really cannot wait for the weather to warm up, and for all the signs that show spring is on its way for real. It's been such an endless winter, it's time for it to end. There are many ways you know spring is on the way. What are your favorites?

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