7 Signs of a Disorganized Life ...


7 Signs of a Disorganized Life ...
7 Signs of a Disorganized Life ...

Do the days seem like they are getting shorter and shorter? Do you just feel like your whole life revolves around the things you need to do next? When was the last time you had a whole day for yourself? When was the last time you’ve seen your friends? Are you constantly postponing things that might waste that precious time of yours and how hard it is for you to quickly find the things you need? If the answers to these questions aren’t as positive as you’ve expected, you might be suffering from a disorganized life disorder. Nothing to be afraid of, my ladies, it’s just a state of complete confusion you need to snap out of ASAP. Here’s some signs that suggest you life could use some order:

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You Can’t Find the Things You Need

You have a ton of nice clothes and you’re stuck wearing just two or three different outfits? Why? Because you don’t have enough time to dig through that mountain of clean, uncategorized laundry! If the same can be said for your makeup, personal documents and other items you often use, you my dear, have a problem. Do this- set you stopwatch and try to find three items you wouldn’t leave the house without in just one minute. If that seems like the mission impossible, it’s time to bring some order into your living space. Less clutter around you means less clutter inside of you, too!


You Don’t Have Any Free Time

How often do you have time to go out and have a coffee, read a good book or engage in a DIY beauty and spa treatments? I’m asking about real free time, not the one you literally steal by slacking off, not doing the things you need to do. If the answer is, “Not very often”, you need to reorganize your life a little bit. All work and no play make everybody a screaming hag!


Unfinished Jobs Piling up

You start doing one thing, get bored, move to the next one and so on… So, when you look around, there’s like a million things to do and none of them is ever completely finished. Don’t take up more than you can handle because you’ll disappoint yourself and give out a wrong impression. I know you’re not lazy or unreliable and you know it too. So write down all those things you need to get done and start dealing with them! You’ll see, each job you manage to complete will motivate you to keep going. Reaching that finish line always feels so damn good!


Doing Things in the Last Minute

Let’s be honest, when the issue of house chores, work or other non-fun-related things is mentioned, none of us is very eager to dig in. After all, why would you spend the afternoon doing dishes or finishing up some paperwork, when you can leave it for later and just sit back, relax and flip through the channels? Well, the problem is this – anything is more interesting than the thing you really NEED to do, so if you keep postponing those chores, they will come to bite you on the ass. Pardon my French, but that’s the honest truth!


Poor Social Life

If you take up more than you can handle, do things in the last minute and make a total mess out of your living space, you’ll always too busy to go out and socialize. There will always be a thing you need to take care of first and you’ll keep wasting your time postponing the execution until it’s too late. Friends will first call on regular basis, then phone here and there, just to see if you’re still breathing and, in the end, you’ll turn around and realize there’s nobody out there you could call anymore. Get organized girl, go socialize and show your friends you really want them around!



You have so many things on your mind that you often forget something really important. Well, first of all, you need to organize your living and working space so that you could actually notice all those notes and reminders. Next, you need to start tying the loose ends. The less ongoing jobs you have on your mind, the more relaxed you will be so important things won’t just get lost in that cluttered brain of yours.


Exhaustion and/or the Lack of Sleep

Postponing all those boring things you really need to take care of won’t make them disappear. In fact, you’ll come to the point where you can’t even afford to go to sleep. You need sleep to make it through the day and staying awake isn’t really the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. You’ll be exhausted, sleepy, slow, jumpy and skipping a night doesn’t give you any extra time at all because you’ll literally ruin the next day. What can you do about it? Get organized!

And whatever you do, don’t get all depressed thinking that you’ll never be able to live a perfectly organized life. You don’t even have to! All you need to do is find a healthy, dynamic, positive routine that fits your lifestyle and enables you to use your day in the most effective way. So, tell me, did this post help you detect critical aspects of your everyday life and what are you planning to do about it?

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I unfortunately always clutter...

I think I am in the borderline.....have to pull me out.

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