7 Things to Ponder about Life ...

By Elizabeth

7 Things to Ponder about Life ...

Life is such an amazing thing! There are so many ways to look at it, so many exciting things that go on during a lifetime. My life, 23 years into it, has been absolutely wonderful! I've been so incredibly blessed with a wonderful family, great friends, and quite simply, love and laughter. So many times, I find myself sitting, thinking about life, about it's many mysteries. What about you? Do you ever sit and just ponder life? If not, you need some inspiration, and I've got just that in this article, 8 things to ponder about life.

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1 Where do Babies Come from?

Ok, I know, I know where babies come from! But really, think about it. If you believe in God, like I do, you probably too think that the Creator puts that tiny baby in a mother's womb, and has chosen what that baby is to look like when it's born. But it's still an amazing mystery, as to how a baby goes from a tiny egg cell through development, and ends up the perfectly beautiful baby a mother holds in her arms at the end of those longs months. Furthermore, it's an amazing miracle as to how a woman gives birth. A woman's body, so small and sleek, can somehow manage to push a 7 or 8 pound baby through the birth canal in one piece! It's just an amazing mystery!

2 Why do We Love?

Why do we really love? What is love? How is love really strong enough to overlook faults and failures and still truly love a person for who they are? Why is it that you can't completely explain why you love your husband, and yet you love them more than anything in the world? (We can say we love him because he's a caring man, because he's talented, or whatever we say, but there is an unexplained love that runs deeper than shallow things such as his actions to base our love on...) How is it that a mother can fall deeply in love with her baby before it's even born, and when she first looks into the face of that tiny newborn, her love for it immediately doubles? These are all questions I love to ponder as I sit sometimes. I completely run circles, and never actually get answers to these questions, not ones that totally satisfy me, but I love to think about them!

3 Why do Some Care More than Others?

Why is it that some people care about life and the people in their life so much that they're willing to give of themselves on a daily basis to make this world a better place, while others care about nothing more than themselves and live a selfish life that amounts to nothing? Why is it that to some people, their parents mean everything to them, while others take their own parents lives out of hatred? It has always confused me that someone could have such a lack of love in their hearts for their own flesh and blood that it doesn't even affect them when they take their lives, especially a baby or a small child? Where does their natural love disappear to, and why does it go away?

4 Why do Guys like Bloodshed?

It seems to be something bred into the male population that loves blood and killing. The more violent a movie is, the more they enjoy watching it. What is it about a male that makes him so much more aggressive than a woman? And even more so, why is it that some women actually enjoy stuff like that? While less in number, there are a few women who enjoy the act of killing and bloodshed just as much as men do, and to me, that's even more messed up! I thought women were supposed to be prim and proper, much more softer and gentler than a man. And that's not saying that a woman is below a man, but I think there should definitely be a distinct difference in a man's and woman's attitude, likes and dislikes, and even their mannerism. But that's just me wondering...

5 Why Are We Never Satisfied?

It seems to be the common, going thing to change who you are. If you were born with straight hair, perm it. If you were born with brown hair, you want it blond. If you were born a girl, you want to be a boy. If a boy, you want to be a girl. How come we can't be satisfied with how God made us? What is in us that makes us constantly bothered with how we look? Is it just in our human nature to want to change ourselves, or it there more to it than that? Is there an answer that could fix the problem? What do you think?

6 What is "Perfect" and Who Sets the Bar?

Who's to say that blond, blue eyes, "36-24-36" (or whatever the current is) who is to say that that is "perfect?" Who appointed someone to dictate to the rest of us what we should all strive to look like if we want to be perfect? Why can't we all be considered beautiful in our own way and forget the "perfect" thing? Why is there such a prejudice against larger women in places like Hooters, magazines, Hollywood? Can anyone be truly perfect? Do some of these people who seem to have self-appointed themselves to be the authorities on "perfect" realize that they're causing many teenage girls and young women to slip into bad health because of their worry and concern to be perfect? Do they realize the negative affects they're having on our society?

7 Is There More to Life?

Is there more to life than just fun and games, laughter and love, blood and guts? Is there more than going to school, getting married, having kids and grandkids and dying? This is one I think I know the answer to! Believing in something bigger than us, than the world, a power that's beyond our understanding is what many of us are looking for in this way or the other. As a Christian, I believe in God and Jesus Christ and this belief made all the difference in my life. My faith made my life worth living by giving me something to look forward to each and every day. I think now I am blessed beyond what I ever deserved. What about you? Is there more to your life? Is there something or someone you believe in?

What do you think about? Have you ever thought about any of the 7 things to ponder about life that are listed? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Please, feel free to share!

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I like your article, Elizabeth. There are really times in our lives that we stop to think about those stuffs you mentioned. In fact, those were just some of things one has to ponder in life, may it be about our philosophies in life, or about human nature. It's also like cross checking reality. Thanks for the post. =)

OMG Elizabeth everything u have mentioned I have sat and pondered myself... Good minds think alike... And If u dnt mind I would truly love to share this on my profile-- so that my friends could see what u have put & I just couldn't have said it better myself girl... Funny how we think soo much alike. I wish u lived closer cuz we have alot in commen. Plus we r sister's n Lord :) Thank God..:) God bless u beautiful and I love what u've shared- I couldn't have done it any better myself..

young author, i think you need to get your story straight. you cannot "think" you know the answer to something. you gotta know you know the answer to something. if you believe in God, you don't need to be ashamed to say "i know the answer".

This is a really interesting article, and very well written, well done! Something I like to think about that leaves me in a daze is human existence. How is it that humans and animals even exist, when you think of the size of the universe? (I know the religious answer to this and I fully respect it, but think of the philosophical side) And where does the universe end? Are there other universes and animals? Whenever I contemplate the size of the universe I am always left in a dreamy state, and it is a good way to relax sometimes too. It makes you realize there are other important things in life besides mankind.

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