7 Dream Meanings You Need to Know ...

By Heather

7 Dream Meanings You Need to Know ...

Dream Meanings are something that has always interested me. I love knowing what my dreams mean and what my subconscious is saying to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is curious about their own dream meanings and that is why I have captured 7 of the top dream meanings for you!

1 Teeth Being Pulled out Dream

This is honestly a really common dream for me and I don't think that I am the only one. In the office, a lot of the times our dreams come up and that is what made me start to look up the dream meanings. If you are constantly having a dream about your teeth being pulled out or falling out it means that you are afraid of losing something or someone dear to you. Typically, this dream is linked to financial and money worries too – so if you are having money issues, this might be a common dream of yours.

2 Snakes in Dreams

Snakes in dreams are not always a good thing. While I love snakes solely because of Harry Potter (I'm a Slytherin yo!), snakes actually represent betrayal or even a bad turn of events that can happen when you wake up. When you have a dream about snakes, make sure that you are cautious when you are going about your day and be on the look out for anyone that you are close to betraying you.

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3 Colors in Dreams

Colors in dreams is not necessarily a bad thing, each and every color has a different dream meaning. Take pink for example, seeing pink in a dream means that you are in love and happy. If you see yellow in your dream it represents tranquility and that you are content. Green in a dream does not mean money, as many people think it does – rather it means that you should expect some changes. Have any of you ever had a dream about colors?

4 Tarantula Dreams

I am so, so scared of spiders. It is honestly my biggest fear – I always make the BH kill any spider that comes into our house, it's that bad. I have however, had a few dreams about spiders, specifically tarantulas. What this dream means is that your health or the health of a loved one might be in danger. It is actually a warning sign. If you have a dream about a tarantula, make sure that you are a little more leery about your health and the health of those you love.

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5 Seeing the Dead in Dreams

It is always scary whenever you see someone that has passed away in a dream. I often have dreams of my grandmas or grandpas and I always wondered what it meant when I see them so vividly in my dreams. In short, if you are seeing the deceased in your dreams it means that you are moving on with your life and that you are growing up and becoming more mature. You have accepted their death and they really are just checking in on you in the best way they know how.

6 Ants in Dreams

Ants are something that is constantly busy. Whether they are running food down to the queen or they are digging holes, they are always associated with a lot of activity. If you are having dreams about ants it actually means that you are generally satisfied with your life and that you are going to be productive the next day.

7 Lion in Dreams

Lions are some of the noblest creatures in all of the jungle; they pride themselves on being strong and being the king of everything. Dream meanings that involve lions all surround strength and pride in you. You may have some obstacles in your life that you are going to overcome in the future after you have a dream with a lion in it and you will be very proud of the results.

I bet you ladies didn't know that your dreams could mean that much right? Dream meanings are not easy to come by and while every single dream that you have might not mean something, a lot of them do. These are just some of the popular dream meanings – what are some dreams that you've had? I'd love to hear some of the wackiest, craziest and best dreams you ladies have had!

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My dreams consist of the following: my crushes holding hands with me, me dying, me being chased by the devil/demons/ghosts, me helping the characters in BONES solve murders/kidnappings, etc.

I have had a lot of crazy dreams with family that have past on. They come back in my sleep grandparents, parents we were in my grandfather's house big storm was coming looking up bad weather we ran under his boat ramp it was large enough for us my kid and sis kid young now 19 yrs old but in the dream young mom and dad are gone they were their and other people hiding from this storm waves high it then we were under this ramp enclosed and planes falling out of sky upside down, grandparents house wrecked everything around wrecked. The ramp became like enclosed the waters rose we were like in churches basement this ramp started to move with the water everyhting boats and planes and building destroyed we managed to float to calmer waters and landed up on cement and thru a little window we yelled for help woman answered and said everyhting here by them is fine and calm but everything where we were destroyed. She gave us hope she would help. But it was so vivid, shook me up. I have been having alot of pain and the doctor thinks it could be medicing or the pain because I wake up with severee pain and need to take painkiller and fall back to sleep. Please help.

I had a dream I was holding a new born baby girl and I was at this guys house I really like and we kissed funny thing is he's in all my classes I'm in college btw :)

That's odd. I only dream in color. Never ever had a b

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