8 Signs You're Pursuing the Wrong Career ...


8 Signs You're Pursuing the Wrong Career ...
8 Signs You're Pursuing the Wrong Career ...

Your job is an important aspect of your life. It is where you spend a large portion of your day and is also the source of your income. If you are happy with your career, you will be happy at home because it means you’re spending your days doing something that fulfils you. If you are not enjoying your work, it will reflect on your general demeanor and personal satisfaction. Here are 8 signs you’re pursuing the wrong career.

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You Drag Yourself to Work Everyday

If you find yourself dragging yourself to work today, looking forward to your dentist appointments and hoping you are sick every morning, then you are not enjoying your work. It is a sign that this career is probably not giving you what you are looking for in life.


You Aren’t Good at Your Work

One of the reasons people enjoy their job is because they are good at it. Knowing that you excel at what you do makes you instantly happier about your job. Conversely, if you just can’t get your head around what is expected of you, you will be unhappy. It’s time to consider another career.


You Hate Talking about What You do

When you go for a party or a date, if the last thing you want to talk about is your job, then you aren’t happy about what you’re doing and probably need to consider a different line of work.


You Constantly Complain about Your Job

Constantly cribbing and bitching about your job means only one thing – you need to get another one. Then consider if it is the workplace, your colleagues or your boss that you can’t tolerate or if it is the work itself. If it’s the latter, look out for a new career.


You Go in Late and Leave Early

Lack of motivation manifested in going in late and leaving early are sure-fire signs that you don’t enjoy what you are doing and should probably consider a different line of work. Regularly shirking your work means you just don’t like your job.


You Spend Most of Your Time on Facebook

At work, if all you seem to be doing is browsing on Facebook, then either you have very little work or you don’t care to complete your work. Both are definite warning signs that you are in the wrong career.


You Don’t Feel Challenged

Some people get extremely de-motivated when they find themselves in a role that does not challenge them. They will drag themselves to work, bunk whenever possible and generally perform badly. If you are not challenged about your work, consider a different career.


You Look for Ways to Keep Busy

If you keep finding yourself looking for ways to keep yourself busy at work, it means you are not challenged and you don’t have enough things to do. Both are certain recipes for disaster so reconsider your career right away.

It is a big decision to change your career particularly if you have major responsibilities however if you find a job you love, you will not have to work a day in your life. So if you are experiencing any of the signs above, bite the bullet and change your career.

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Only #1 is valid for me..as I feel I am sleep deprived.

i m definately on d wrong path :(

Holly @¢∞] !!!! So true....

Thanks for this post, made me realize I am in the right path :P

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