7 Reasons to Leave a Bad Job ...


7 Reasons to Leave a Bad Job ...
7 Reasons to Leave a Bad Job ...

Being unhappy in your place of work can really affect your quality of life. Instead of shutting your eyes and sticking it out relentlessly, you need to sensibly evaluate the pros and cons of finding a new way to bring home the bacon. To help you make this important decision, I’ve done some research and drawn up this list of 7 reasons to leave a bad job.

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Your Boss is Taking Advantage

A job where you feel your boss is constantly demanding that you go above and beyond the parameters of your job description is probably not one you want to stay in forever. Remember, though, there’s a big difference between being pushed to do better and being used: a hard-ball encouraging boss will ask you to redo shoddy work while an advantage taker will make you pick up her dry cleaning even though you’re head accountant and not a PA.


You’re Underpaid

This is an important one, and again, it’s important to do some research and even ask for a pay rise before you simply walk out. To begin with, you need to make sure that you really are getting paid too little. Get hold of a pay scale for people in your industry; if this says you’re underpaid, take the matter up with your boss and ask for an increase. If this request is refused, resign.


You’re Uncomfortable

If there’s an element of your job that makes you feel very uneasy, you need to sit down and analyse exactly what the problem is. Chances are you’re being asked to do something that grates on your moral sensibilities and you need to decide whether it’s you or the job that’s at fault. If it’s job, walk away and find something better that isn’t ethically questionable.


Sexual Harassment

This one’s actually trickier than it seems. You should never, never have to leave a position because you’re being sexually harassed. Remember, it’s the perpetrator and not the victim who pays for the crime. However, if you still feel uncomfortable in the work place even after the harasser has been dealt with, perhaps you should consider leaving. A clean slate is, more than likely, exactly what you need.


It’s a Nightmare Commute

Girls, if you have to get up at 3 in the morning and travel for four hours everyday to get to your job, something definitely needs to change. Either you need to move closer, or you have to find another job. One or the other: you decide.


You’ve Outgrown Your Position

It’s often hard to leave a job that you feel has really helped to mould your professional persona. However, if that all-important entry-level position is just too easy, you need to consider making a change. If the company you’re with won’t offer you the opportunity to gain a promotion, you should definitely try to find another job that will.


You Hate It

It really is that simple, ladies. If you absolutely loathe your job, to the extent that you struggle to leave the house in the mornings and would literally rather be doing anything else than sitting at your desk, you need to get out of there. Don’t quit until you’ve found another position, but don’t force yourself to stick it out either. Life’s too short, girls; there’s no point in spending everyday miserable.

This is my list of 7 reasons to leave a bad job. Do you have anything to add, ladies? Let me know?

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