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7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Say 'No' ...

By Mercy

Learning to say ‘No’ is just as important as learning to say ‘Yes’. Very often, we end up being too accommodating and lose the ability to say ‘No’ even when it is the best thing to do under the circumstances. Here are 7 reasons why you need to learn to say ‘No’.

1 When Your Schedule is Too Full

When you already have a number of responsibilities to take care of, it is absolutely fine to say ‘No’ to new ones. It doesn’t imply that you are not helpful or that you will never take on anything new ever again. It just means that you are aware of the limitations on your time and energy.

2 When You Are Not Qualified for the Job

If you feel that you do not have all the required skills to accomplish a task, it is better to say ‘No’ to doing the task right at the start. The earlier you let people know that you are not up to accomplishing a task, the better they will be able to make alternate arrangements.

3 When You Have No Experience

If you are asked to do something that requires experience and skill that you do not possess, it is better to say ‘No’ to the task rather than do a bad job. You never know what you may be risking by taking on a job that you do not have the experience to do.

4 When You Want to Encourage Somebody else

Many people ask for other people to help them because they are not sure of their own ability to complete their task. If you sense this is the reason you are being asked to help out, it is ok to say no and to encourage the other person to do it himself or herself.

5 When the Alternative is to do a Bad Job

There are times when you know that if you accepted a job or a responsibility, you will not be able to do it justice and are likely to end up with a mediocre or a bad job. This may be because of any constraint such as time or resources. It is better to say ‘No’ than do a bad job.

6 When Your Personal Safety is in Question

If you feel that your personal safety is at risk by taking on a responsibility, it is better to say ‘No’ rather than regret your decision later.

7 When You Need Personal Time

It is important for all of us to be able to get personal time. If you find that taking on an additional responsibility will take away this personal time from you, feel free to say no.

These are just 7 reasons why you need to learn to say ‘No’. If you look closely at your life, you are likely to find that there are other occasions as well where saying ‘No’ is a much better option than saying ‘Yes’.

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